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Bye Bye Imus

Jim R

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I am glad NBC took decisive action and canned Imus. I am optimistically hoping for a general cleaning up of the airwaves. The air waves seem to have degnerated into this foul mouthed, hateful, racist, sexist,form of enertainment. I think we are a worse people for it.


One interesting twist, Fox News continues to give air time to Anne Coulter. This woman actually said the 9-11 widows and widowers were happy that there spouses got killed . Can you imagine anyone from the Progressive/Democrat/Green/Liberal side of the spectrum saying anything so outrageous and not being annililated in the media? Many of the religious right continue to choose Fox as their news source. I wonder how many know that it was Rupert Murdoch and Fox that so shamelsslessly promoted OJ simpson and his book "If I Did It"? I wonder how many of the sanctimonious know that Fox covered Anna Nicole Smith more than any other netwrok? I would like to see a boycott of Fox until they clean there hateful act up. It would be a steep slope to climb though.


I hop for the best though and maybe with public pressure the media will start cleaning itself up and help get America out of the gutter.

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Don Imus has some nerve...did he really think he could explain away his comments as a dumb mistake? I have never heard non-racist, non-sexist people make dumb mistakes like that. Don Imus simply lost control and let out his true feelings on blacks and women. The fact that people like Don Imus are on radio and TV is a statement on the entire industry, IMHO. :angry:

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