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Can't Explain It, But Sure Could Feel It


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Had a wonderful moment of connection this morning. Anyone else here ever have a vivid dream of meeting and hugging a loved one who has passed on? In this dream, I was walking up a hill with my niece, and at the top of the hill, I found my grandmother seated in a chair. (My grandmother died in 1993.) She smiled the most joyful, sincere smile. We hugged each other, and the love between us was so strong. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. Suddenly, I woke up. Real tears of love were streaming down my cheeks. I’d had a visit from my grandma.


There are rare and special moments when the veil between the dimensions is surpassing thin, and the need of souls who love and miss each other somehow closes the gap. Can’t really explain it. Just know it’s real.


Love Jen

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Hi Jen,


Yes. Had a cousin die in a glider accident back in the 70's and he appeared to me in my home at night shortly after. Whether I was asleep or awake, I cannot say but the love was stronger than anything I had experienced and undescribable in words and I got the sense that he was telling me all was well and there was no death.


Love in Christ,


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I had a dream about my grandmother that was different than the 'normal' dreams I've had of those who have died. The details are fuzzy now, but the feeling it left me with was clear. It really felt like she had come to me to say she loved and missed me.

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I also had a dream (shortly after the person had died) of a best friend that committed

suicide. It was very vivid.. I'm not sure though that it was any more vivid than dreams

usually are, just that I recalled it better, and it seemed so real, like the person was

back here with me.




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