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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta


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I just went Friday (yes, I played hookey and went and I am not sorry). In fact, it was a beautiful day.

Saturday it rained and only a few balloons went up and I think it was awfully windy today (wind has to be

under 10 miles per hour). So I left at 5 AM (which is a very early mornign for me!) and I stayed til something like 8:30. I didn't know it but a third wave of balloons went up while I was leaving and they

appeared to follow me all the way home. Then I took myself out to breakfast.


They had special shapes, so there are chili peppers on a string (riatas), a very large cow, beer cans and wine bottles and every sort of animal, there is a house, a branch. Jesus appeared which I thought was quite funny as he didn't go up very well. But Noah's ark was cute. The space shuttle didn't get up at all, as there was just a bit too much wind.


There are some nice photos at balloonfiesta.com Look under images.

This is a great thing to go to sometime.

I crewed one year which involved someone driving a truck and everyone is paying attention to many things except for the road! It was great fun and a lot of work, and a bit too hard on the back for me to do again.

(I have sciatica, though it is sort of controlled.)




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