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Finding Non-Homophobic Christian Singers Is Impossible

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I grew up Catholic and become an atheist, and even sort of a satanist as a teen (I researched their "bible" and had metalhead friends who entertained the "religion").

I was saved around 10 years ago (I'm 32 years old now) and I started off very strict, experimenting with what my truth is and even considering that being LGBT may be a sin, since every single Christian I met or musicians I found online were homophobic. I am LGBT (gender fluid and bisexual) and always have been, and music has always been a central part of my life, besides Jesus who is the main centre of my life as of 10 years ago. I grew up in an extremely abusive household and even today I listen to music as a coping mechanism. I hope to be in a stable enough frame of mind and environment one day to create my own music (I got 90% in a music theory course and have written 3 songs).

My main point is that because of my past trauma I relate to a lot of music with yelling and harsh lyrics but a lot of these musicians have demonic or literal satanistic imagery or lyrics. When I go to the other side of the spectrum and listen to worship music, usually I feel ok, cleansed, safe and closer to Jesus. However, in my downtime I contemplate about these musician's beliefs related to LGBT people. I have proof that one of the singers I love is in fact homophobic because in one of their music videos they are wearing t-shirts of a person who said in a podcast that "being gay is a sin". Another musical group I used to listen to (and stopped because of this reason) made a transphobic post on Twitter. Korn is one of my favourite bands of /all time/ but I'm certain that one of their Christian members is homophobic. In my mind, if someone is Christian and doesn't openly state that they are pro-LGBT, then they are anti-LGBT. 

I know that Lauren Daigle has indirectly said that she's not homophobic because she was asked what her stance was on this matter in an interview and she said she wasn't sure because she has friends who are LGBT. At a later date she denounced the Christian faith.

I feel that a lot of the time if someone is pro-LGBT they insinuate that they're going to hell because of what certain people have brainwashed them to think. That's not what I believe and I don't want to associate that kind of dark energy when I think about the LGBT community. I believe that they are full of light and love, and just because one group of people condemns them that doesn't mean that they are going to suffer for all of eternity for just being themselves. If anyone is "going to hell" (I also believe in reincarnation) it's probably the people who are saying that being gay is a sin. I believe that /that/ kind of energy is dark and satanic, not LGBT people just being who God created them to be.

Anywho, my main question is: Are there any Christian and openly pro-LGBT musicians out there? Preferably rock or metal musicians? I still love loud and powerful metal music, with fast bass drums, highly distorted guitars and screaming (which actually takes a lot of talent).  I just feel like it's insanely difficult to relate to or find my vibe in this world, not just in music, but the entire world of itself. Music to me is an ecosystem that resembles real life. I feel like I am constantly hiding parts of myself and even lying to myself so I don't feel completely alone or become completely isolated. I want to feel like I and others like me belong in this world, and deserve love.

Thank you! :)

Also, xenophobia sucks. xoxo

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I plugged your question into ChaGPT ... and the result

Yes, there are several Christian musicians who are openly pro-LGBT and belong to the rock or metal genres. Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Grace Baldridge (Semler): Semler is the stage name of Grace Baldridge, a non-binary, queer Christian musician. They gained significant attention with their EP "Preacher's Kid," which topped the iTunes Christian music charts. Semler's music often addresses their experiences with faith and sexuality.

  2. Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay): While Jars of Clay is not strictly a metal band, they are well-known in the Christian rock genre. Dan Haseltine, the lead vocalist, has expressed support for LGBT rights and has advocated for a more inclusive approach within the Christian community.

  3. Trey Pearson: Formerly the lead singer of the Christian rock band Everyday Sunday, Trey Pearson came out as gay in 2016. Since then, he has been an advocate for LGBT rights and continues to make music that reflects his faith and his identity.

  4. Lacey Sturm: Although Lacey Sturm is not specifically known for pro-LGBT activism, she has expressed support for the LGBT community. She was the lead vocalist for the Christian hard rock band Flyleaf and has a solo career in rock and metal music.

These musicians exemplify the intersection of Christian faith and LGBT advocacy, showing that it's possible to embrace both identities in the rock and metal music scenes.

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On 6/21/2024 at 3:14 AM, theresadovemusic said:

Anywho, my main question is: Are there any Christian and openly pro-LGBT musicians out there? Preferably rock or metal musicians? 

I'm afraid I'm not much help either @theresadovemusic.  I reckon there'd be pro-LGBT, Christian, rock/heavy metal bands & musicians out there, but heck, where do you find them, as is your challenge.  I can only suggest Google, as I'm sure you're already onto.  Or maybe contact some gay Christian churches and see if they can put it out there and ask members?  Perhaps try some heavy metal or gay Christian band discussion threads, if they exist?  Sorry, not much help, I know.  I wish you well in finding some.



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Thank you for your advice. I feel like this is such a niche request and to be honest I don't feel anyone is going to have the answer even if they were to try their best. I think maybe I should pray to God and ask for the answer. Right now I'm listening to Korn and they're not Christian but they understand me, so oh well if they have hopeless undertones. 

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Thank you so much! I feel myself tendering between satanic vibes because those kinds of people find beauty in death and darkness or like super almost toxically positive Christianity. I want to feel that being surrounded by death and darkness, and also having Jesus is ok. This is more on the goth side not the LGBT side... ah poo. Poo I say!!! Jesus please help me find my place in this world. I feel so lost most of the time. >.< 

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