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  1. (2) "Breathe:" Some in my congregation absolutely adored this simple little chorus as a means of putting them in a prayerful attitude for our time of silent prayer.
  2. I'm actually grateful for the correction. I normally look up such references before posting, but this time I trusted my memory of reading "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" back in the 1980s. But my mistake does not affect my main point. Jung predicts a repeat of the immediate loud boom from the bookcase. I want to respond to Burl's case of childhood possession. About 15 years ago, I attended my Aunt Ruth's funeral. My Uncle George was a retired Pentecostal pastor. He shared this exorcism story with me in the presence of my cousin E. who is a psychiatrist. When E. was just 3, George
  3. There is a wise old saying, "A faith nor worth sharing is not worth believing." To grow in any faith, one needs to explore varying experiences and unanswered questions. Those evangelical sites primarily serve the needs of Christian fellowship and faith support, and are not proselytizing sites. Omo the lack of comparable progressive sites is a deafening silence that bears witness to an impoverished spirituality that creates no hunger for growth and spiritual exploration.
  4. For me, the most interesting autobiography ever is Carl Jung's "Memories, Draams, Reflections," which is a history of his soul rather than a history of his life events. A primer on basic Jungian psychoanalytic concepts is helpful because Jung shares childhood experiences that catalyzed those concepts. At one point, he explores channeling, something he would later regret. Soon paranormal experiences began to plague his house. For example, he would find his dishes and silverware totally rearranged in his kitchen by an unseen hand. Once, there was a loud knock at his door. When Jung opened
  5. I now shift my focus to the first of 3 short praise choruses that are most conducive to creating a reverential mood, a longing for more of God, and a desire to pray. The posted chorus, "You Are my Hiding Place," is a choral prayer response to Psalm 32:6-8. Every worship service should have a time of prayer preceded by a couple of minutes of silent prayer and meditation. I always used this structure: (1) Expression of Congregational Joys and Concerns (2) Preliminary Prayer Chorus (to create a reverential mood) (3) Silent Prayer (4) Pastoral Prayer (followed by cong
  6. As you can see, Dee, progressive Christianity is as dead as this site. If you search for Christian discussion boards, you will find many evangelical sites, but almost no progressive Christian sites, though there are some small Facebook progressive chat groups. Why is that? Well, consider this Wikipedia definition: "Progressive Christianity is characterized by a willingness to question tradition, acceptance of human diversity, a strong emphasis on social justice and care for the poor and the oppressed, and environmental stewardship of the earth." Sounds good enough. But our regional
  7. When the 70 return from their preparatory missions in Palestinian towns and villages, they report their succession mission, including their ability to perform exorcisms. Jesus accounts for their success by saying, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven (Luke 10:17-18)." Jesus' incarnation was apparently timed to coincide with a dramatic change in spiritual dimensions.
  8. Well, nothing in Roman religion itself would account for Latin xenoglossy. But consider these 2 facts: (1) In the classic possession case that inspired that movie "The Exorcist," a pivotal moment came when Father Bowdern got the child victim to agree to taking Holy Communion. The demon haughtily challenged the efficacy of this sacramental act by snarling: "There's a word he might say that might force me out, but I will never let him say it!" That word proved to be "Dominus." the Latin word for "Lord" (Christ as "Lord"). When the boy, after great struggle, was able to say that word, a
  9. Burl, in the Catholic exorcist discernment process, they have been taught to look for xenoglossy (not just Latin) as a sign of possession. Modern speaking in tongues is an awesome gift as an expression of worship and surrender to God. But sometimes seekers merely want a spiritual high akin to a drug high. In such cases, the act of surrender needed to speak in tongues can function like a Ouija board and attract demonic entities. Fundamentalist opponents of speaking in tongues use such cases as a strawman to attack the whole modern phenomenon. One of the most important spiritual lessons I h
  10. Burl requested that I deal with this topic. So I decided to start a separate thread for that purpose. When Christians discuss modern possession and exorcisms, they do well to heed C. S. Lewis' s famous caution; “There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.” The first issue that needs mentioning is the Gospel distinction between demon possession and mental illness: "People brought to Him all who were ill of various diseases,
  11. C. Austin Miles composed both "In the Garden" and "Dwelling in Beulah Land," both of which imo have the most beautiful poetic lyrics of any traditional hymn. In his photography room, Miles had a waking vision of Mary Magdalene, clad in a white robe, visiting Jesus' tomb on Easter Sunday morning. "In the Garden" represents his hymnic response to Mary's subsequent encounter with the Risen Lord in the garden. Miles claims that the words of the song came to him very quickly almost as if dictated. That interests me because of the way that the words of his other hymn "Dwelling in Beulah Lan
  12. As a pastor, I often had to deal with the problems of the homeless. Let me offer 3 examples" (1) A was a mentally ill homeless woman. Like other local young women, she became trapped in a drugs-for-sex arrangement and soon thought her heroine and cocaine were superior meds to her own. If her problem were just mental illness, she could have received treatment. But social agencies wouldn't help her because of her drug habit! She was often violent and spent a lot of time in jail, where I regularly visited her as a favor to her parents. I learned that half of our prison inmates are ment
  13. Just a footnote to spiritual experience (4), the spiritual and emotional highlight of my life. Weeks before the experience my faith was crippled by doubt and I found myself drifting towards agnosticism. Then someone gave me a Mormon Tabernacle Choir record. Now as a 16 year old, my favorite music groups were The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. So this high brow choral music was not my cup of tea. Still, 2 hymn in particular had the effect of intensifying my longing for God to make Himself real to me. The first song was "Come, Come, Ye Saints" which I heard as an allegory of my troubled s
  14. (3) Kari Jobe sings "Revelation Song" which has lovely lyrics drawn from John the Seer's visit to Heaven as recorded in the Book of Revelation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-zk-E55dRk
  15. I'm posting my next example because the family involved hunted me down and called me last night. I was embarrassed because they were good friends and I hadn't contacted them in over 10 years after moving form Buffalo, NY, to northeastern Washington state. I'm puzzled by how the family was able to track me down and was humbled and delighted to hear from them. Karen, the mother of Austin in the testimony described below , wanted me to know that our discussions on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the paranormal long ago had born fruit because she was now a Charismatic Christian. We will now
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