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  1. Ah, I can't edit my previous post... But I read some more about this concept of Christ paying for our sins, and instead of some clarifications or churches dogmas I found overwhelming confusion among... everybody. I find this post on some christian forum very cool:
  2. OP probably doesn't read it anymore, but I like Orthodox approach since they have slightly different definitions of sins and "original sin". I never understood the idea of "infinitely offended by sin God" killing his son so he can pay our debts. It's just weird to think God won't forgive people until something bleeds out to death... Anyway, here goes few lines from Orthodox mind (2nd one written by a priest has some anti-western sentiment but bear with him ): Vladimir Lossky, Orthodox Theology: An Introduction
  3. It's not so easy. Most outspoken Catholics are traditionalists and fundies, which are strongly opposed every change. There are people who care about changes, but history taught them to better be silent, publish a book from time to time and just hope someone will notice it before they die. When it comes to theologians it's not that scary, but when you are a nun, priest or monk Vatican can hit you HARD when you are calling for even lite reforms, you will just get muted, literally. We have a priest in Poland, Adam Boniecki, few years ago he was acting friendly towards an atheist "satanist" (A
  4. I could define God everyday in different way, stopped doing that some time ago because whatever I say, the most "powerful" words I use, it still feels like a blasphemy compared to the idea of eternal, all-knowing (see, "all-knowing" already feels bad because whatever my ideas are, it limits God in some way). I don't feel comfortable even saying "God exist", because if he does, it's something more than existence. And sometimes, on the other hand, "eternal" etc feel like too much. Maybe it's just me, I'm a big fan of Derrida
  5. Dunno what version was Leo using, but in russian "within" is closest to "among you", same with polish translation, so he wasn't really talking about kingdom being IN someone. He wrote somewhere that by imitaning Jesus and incorporating his teachings you not only change yourself but bring kingdom of God to everybody near you, because well, what else can bring it if not imitaning someone who you think was God?
  6. No one discussing good, old Leo Tolstoy's Kingdom of God? It's not really a full time book, more of an essay, but it was inspiration for Gandhi and Martin Luther King in their fight with... fighting More I read him, the more I think he would be a good company for progressive Christians today because of his critical views on the Bible, churches, organizations and whole Christianity as we see it today, but in the same time he kept unshaken faith that Jesus' teachings could change not only single person but whole world. First of all, here's link to whole essay: http://en.wikisource.or
  7. Well I don't know much about "Universal Sufism", but I was attending meditation classes in nearest Naqshbandi Sufi Order place for few months and they were awesome. I like to listen to the sermons Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani says. Most are pretty much for muslims only, but still there is much to learn from this guy whatever you are. http://www.youtube.com/user/sufilive
  8. I stumble across this video and it reminded me your question about accidental life, check it out: Whole video is very interesting, but go for ~53 minute. He says that universe is/was filled with so many opportunities for life that at some point or another the life had to appears and grow. Sure it was accidental, but sooner or later that accident was simply inevitable. Well watch it yourself, I can't describe it like he did lol. I think Thomas Aquinas addressed this idea of God as extend of one's mind and ego, and now there is a quite big theological "wing" of priests in cat
  9. Thanks for replies. Yeah well, I find it hard when it comes to people like this internet "apologist" from my 1st post, explicitly vile and evil, using "christianity" for money, sheer egoism and mockery of people. btw. Funny thing, when I was thinking about it and opened Bible, this fragment came at me, srs:
  10. Hi, I'm a guy from Poland, raised in a Catholic family (not very strict). I was an atheist for a long time, now I'm all over the place when it comes to religion. I had my problems with Christianity, for a long time Jesus was like a warrior to me, decapitating unbelievers, smashing Jews. He was completely enveloped in catechism, in dogmas, in "what i HAVE to believe to be saved", or "believe in that or you will get possessed by sum demons!". On the one side, I love Jesus, I really do. No to be saved, or whatever (I'm not an afterlife believer really), but because of his remarka
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