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  1. The Dalai Lama once said, "The biggest obstacle to interfaith tolerance, is a bad relationship with one's own faith tradition." Thoughts on this quote? I personally love this quote, and it rings with so much truth. But what's sad is that this not only applies to inter-faith relations, but that it continues to be a strong reality even between Christian denominations -within- the faith. It plagues Christianity in so many ways.. People often think they have an amazing relationship with God -- and perhaps they do in and of themselves -- and it ends there. A good portion of them go o
  2. My views of the afterlife are very, very specific... and horribly controversial. I do not mind stating what I believe, but I will not sit here and defend or debate it with people who want to rip it apart. I really have no interest nor time for that kind of thing. I am a live-and-let-live pluralistic girl, I believe what is right for you is fine and what is right for me is fine. Can we not just get along? At least I think, that people will be respectful... I'm hinging on that, so don't prove me wrong. My views are and you really do have to read the entire thing to grasp the overall view. I
  3. I believe attonement is a personal process that can not be explained in an objective and unbiased manner for everyone. Just as everything else that is mortal (and perhaps immortal, at that), it is completely unique to each individual. You know, modern-day Christianity certainly is built on the platform of Jesus' death of all things to be central.. a fixed, unmoveable point of so-called atonement based on the death of a man. But, Christianity is a living religion and our God is a living God. Our spirituality is vibrant, breathing, dynamic, alive, changing... To me, the concept of the ressur
  4. Which one? "All of them" is my answer I have a wide variety of Bible translations so that I can cross-reference everything I am reading. I don't find any one particular translation to be enough. I like to see how it's been translated through all of them. It's also important to have resources to be able to go back into the original languages and work out the way something has ended up translated as it has. I always try to learn the root of everything for myself.
  5. I feel that something I might say below may end up being misinterpreted and taken "too personally". I hope that's not the case. I just like sharing my answers to these questions, but honestly everyone is different, everyone sees the world differently and God differently. I'm not here, nor anywhere, with the intention of forcing my beliefs on anyone. I hope that's enough of a disclaimer. 1. What makes the search for meaning and purpose in today's world an important undertaking? The same thing that makes it important at any time in the span of history. The fact is, the world can c
  6. 1. The birth story of Jesus actually portrays how the spirit of Jesus should be born within ourselves. The baby Jesus is a seed of light that radiants love and connection to God. This has been the way I've seen the birth of Christ for a long time, but I have to admit I hadn't considered most of the other parts you mentioned I think they are really great thoughts. This makes me remember something I was thinking about a couple weeks ago. At Christmas time, I get a little tired of the "war on Christmas" on both sides, including the Christians who insist on bludgeoning people over the hea
  7. A few months ago I finished a book called Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose. The author goes "under cover" at Liberty University to see what life is like as a conservative Christian university student under Rev. Falwell. He completely immerses himself in the experience and writes about it... I haven't lamented finishing a book in a long time, but I was really sad when this book ended. It was an excellent read and I just want another one so much, lol.
  8. ada

    Sticky Questions..

    I truly think if we all saw the world in exactly the same manner, the world would be an incredibly dull place My views will always be radically contrasted with those of others, I've come to accept that a long time ago and have found peace in a very unique and personal relationship with God. I've yet to find an accepting community to talk about my views, I do spend a lot of time on a mainstream Christian forum where the common attitude is to be a spiritual bully instead of a loving example of Jesus, I sort of hope this forum will be a much more mature (and diverse) experience.
  9. My motivations would be the latter... personal event in harmony with the God of my understanding. I'm sorry if something I said was unclear. I can think of no way to clarify it other than that Thank you for asking! For the record, due to my Agoraphobia, I do not currently take communion and have no intentions to do so in the foreseeable future. I believe communion is completely about personal relationship and personal understanding, and my relationship with God is not hindered by it's absence because God understands my limitations better than I do, luckily. Cheers!
  10. 1. What problems might arise in a church community that has no dogmatic beliefs? Dogma is a funny thing... it can be a very negative thing, but it can also bring people together. People have the ability to "bond" through dogmatic beliefs of several varieties, not always a good way mind you, but as a point of commonality. As a result, when you remove dogmatic beliefs and allow people more freedom of what they may choose for themselves (rather than the belief-set being dictated for the whole), it has the propensity to do one of two things: 1) Create a diverse community of respectful in
  11. thank you~ I admit that's not the best Robert Frost work I could have posted, but it's strangely one of my favorite little pieces, haha
  12. There are some Ukrainian roots that I know oh so little about Thanks for all the info!
  13. Good post. I particularly enjoy the above, and agree with you here for sure. Especially the underlined portion
  14. Having seen how some very mild things I believe appear to shock people, I'm terrified to post my view of the afterlife LOL I wish this thread were back in the Progressive section. I'd love to talk about it, but I truly loathe debate. Sadly this is where all the interesting threads are!
  15. Just as all things, it completely hinges on who is reading it, viewing it, interpreting it, and using it.
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