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  1. 🙂 Yeah, I've done so much cleaning myself that my hands are burning and cracking, but I'm still not willing to go to the store to get hand cream. I'm learning a lot about cleaning and sanitizing though. Apparently washing ones hands for twenty seconds is so that the soap can "latch" onto the virus and then enable it to be rinsed away. Regular soaps don't actually kill the virus themselves. If you do find some time to read, and find a few good passages that you really like, post them for us if you can, even scan a page and post it if that's ok with the forums guidelines. Best Wishes , (and prayers if you want them) to you and your wife and boys. Hope you all keep doing well.
  2. Just ran into this interview with Bart Ehrman concerning his new book, 'Heaven and Hell'. They talk about the C-virus a good bit as well as a good number of other things. Bart seems to be saying that the places in the NT where Jesus is talking about 'hell', are words that are/were put into Jesus's mouth. I've made a list of these places. Maybe I can post them later. Hope everyone is doing well and are getting through the pandemic ok. God Bless and/or Best Wishes.
  3. I don't know about the C-virus, but massive amounts of vitamin C seem to help in fighting off the common flue and colds. Also drinking plenty of fluids.
  4. Do pain, beauty, grief, suffering cause brain chemistry and chemical reactions in the brain (and body) as well?
  5. I think that it's making me over nervous. The thing gives me the creeps. I have wondered if perhaps an opportunity for people to get used to their own company and make good friends with themselves. I wish the thing would just go away. . 😞 .
  6. I agree, at least most often that the Spirit needs a person's cooperation and participation. The Spirit can also help us cope better with bad circumstances and situations. Bad and awful things do happen to people who are very much in-tune with the Spirit. As you've said, look at what happened to Christ, though one can say that he still overcame. I really don't know what is happening with these things. It's probably worth investigating and thinking about. Still I do feel that the Spirit helps with all of this, and perhaps in the long run, will make it all go away. I read a verse from the NT sometime ago that depicted Jesus as saying, "These things will neither happen nor will they come to mind", (meaning bad things). I can't help but really want that and to be there. How and why this could happen is another question.
  7. Yeah, I think that's what I meant, like you say, "if one forms a habit of doing wrong". I just didn't know how to put it into words in the sentences or context I was writing it in. Thanks
  8. Thanks It's something I tend to do from time to time, if I really like an author and I have the chance.
  9. BTW - I did get John Shelby Spong's autograph once, (on the inside cover of his latest book at the time) and also a bit of a conversation and a hug! Maybe I'm a little dumb or "weird", but that's ok with me, at least in this respect! . 🙂 . add/edit > something weird happened here. The software kept telling me I needed to wait 57 minutes to post this post. I kept doing that and it kept telling me that, so I ended up posting it like 5 times. I can't figure out how to delete them, is there a way to do that? Thanks Sorry about all this / that
  10. BTW - I did get John Shelby Spong's autograph once, (on the inside cover of his latest book at the time) and also a bit of a conversation and a hug! Maybe I'm a little dumb or "weird", but that's ok with me, at least in this respect! . 🙂 .
  11. BTW - I did get John Shelby Spong's autograph once, (on the inside cover of his latest book at the time) and also a bit of a conversation and a hug! Maybe I'm a little dumb or "weird", but that's ok with me, at least in this respect! . 🙂 .
  12. Well, if someone self identified as a squirrel or a chipmunk, I might say to them, no, you are not a squirrel or a chipmunk. I could list all the things that squirrels and chipmunks are and all the difference between them and the squirrels and chipmunks and the differences would be pretty plain and understood by everyone, (perhaps unless they are mentally challenged). Whether we are talking about the Nazis or the Spanish Inquisition here, I could list all the things that Christianity is and is not and make it plain that there is no support for what they did in Christianity, either in the texts or in practice or in people who have the faith and spirit of Christ within them. In fact the things they did are denounced and decried in Christianity. Now a person could still say they are a squirrel or a chipmunk of a "Christian", but that doesn't make them one. Concerning your last paragraph and sentences, I would say that that is more than just an opinion. Coming from a tradition myself that states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all people are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights among them being the right to life, liberty ….". Maybe I don't get why other people don't see this as self-evident either. I like your last paragraph there. Thanks for posting it.
  13. I don't know if this is what you are saying, but I do think that once one has been evil for a while, it gets harder to be good and get and stay on a good track. Somewhat likewise, when one is good and has been on a good track and on good ways of doing things, it becomes easier and more natural or second nature to stay on the good path. It can even lead to a kind of spiritual bliss and contentment, as well as mind opening enlightenment.
  14. I'm not at all suggesting that these Jews weren't 'tuned into God', nor am I saying that they somehow deserved that suffering whether they were 'tuned into God' or not. What I am saying is that the other people, the Nazis, weren't 'tuned into God'. Whether they felt or thought they were or not is another question. I do often wonder and do kind of think that if the Nazis had been 'tuned in' whether to God or some higher and better principals, that what we call the holocaust would not have happened. edit > there are only so many posts that I can make in a day, so I'm leaving off any comments about the squirrel. Plus I don't really know what I think.
  15. I've found that different groups have different ideas about what is and isn't their business when encountering one another in public. "What are you doing here", seems to be one of the common attitudes between different groups. When is this someone else's business and when is it not is perhaps one of those questions that has multiple layers and a bit of complexity.
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