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Upcoming Super Christian Events

Chicke Fitzgerald

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Dear all,

I wanted to take a moment to share my excitement about
some upcoming Christian events that are happening in 
our community. As we approach the season of Lent and 
Easter, there are several opportunities for us to come
together and deepen our faith.

(Admin: I have removed advertising links - at least temporarily)

I encourage all of you to consider attending one or more
of these events. Whether you are a lifelong Christian or
someone who is curious about the faith, there is something
for everyone. Let us come together in love and fellowship
as we journey towards the cross and the empty tomb.

Blessings to you all,

Chicke Fitzgerald

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This seems to be random advertising. See the post following.
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1 hour ago, Chicke Fitzgerald said:

Chicke Fitzgerald

Hi Chicke,

As per our 'Introduce Yourself' section on the Forum, All new guest members that wish to participate are expected to introduce themselves first and share a bit about themselves and perhaps why they are here. Just like moving to a new community or entering someone else's house, it's customary and just plain good etiquette and helps contribute to 'breaking the ice'. Thanks for your cooperation.

If you are happy to oblige we can reinstate your advertising links.



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