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Hello From Tariki


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Just registered after a recomendation on another forum (Buddhist)


I've said myself that "I no longer know if I'm a Buddhist learning from Christianity or a Christian learning from Buddhism" . But what's in a name......or a title..........or a label :)


I do follow the Pure Land Buddhist path, the Buddhism of "Other Power", even - some have said - of "grace".


Anyway, I already recognise a few names here. (Hi there Earl! Keep the Eckhart quotes going!) Not sure just how much I will post or what questions I will ask.....................(I think often my questions are more interesting than my "answers" - was it Picasso who said "computers are useless, they only give you answers"?)


Anyway, enough waffle!



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Guest admin

Hi Tariki!

Welcome, welcome, welcome... :D


I am sure you will find lots of seekers here who fall somewhere between "here" and "there"...

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