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I have just discovered the Center for Progressive Christianity and am THRILLED! :D I never new such a denomination existed...


I plan on posting a little background information later, but do you all mind sharing a little about your faith experience before coming to the CPC?



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Well it is not actually a demonination-- just a group of people from more progressive demoninations and some that might not be affliated at all joined together.

I think most of us on the forum don't actually belong to TCPC but like hanging here for our discussions. I think there is quite a mix of various demoninations that would be considered more progressive:


United Methodist

Presby. USA


liberal Catholic



Perhaps some Unity, Unitarian, etc.

And maybe some Buddhist or neopagans thrown in. ;-)




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Well, good. A new conversation. I'm new, too. I spent time as Protestant, converted to Catholicism, reverted back out, spent some time hanging out with new-age type spirituality, finally got into a conversation with someone who helped me see that I never left Christianity in the first place. Where I had been wasn't authentic Christianity! Who knew! He suggested I check out TCPC, where I've been reading for awhile. Good place, this.



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Welcome Hilary & pat ...


Enjoy your journey with TCPC! My UCC church has been an affiliate for some time and I am considering becoming an individual affiliate. I remember well the first time I saw the 8 Points about three years ago and thinking "wow ... can this be true?" It felt like coming home.


minsocal :D

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