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Carl-- How's Your Pup?


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well, so far so good.


He had his first injection and is under strict orders to rest as much as possible until we go back for the second shot on November 14.


He is obviously not feeling well and is even more clingy than usual.

The vet said this is normal - so we seem to be on track.


Thanks for your interest and prayers.


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So far sounds good. No, I doubt he would be feeling well. Think "chemo" and you get the general idea. I have a friend who got breast cancer, she is doing very well now, but she was really not feeling sick when the tumor was discovered. This was followed by a year of chemo, surgery, and radiation which made her very sick, esp. chemo. It is such an irony, and sad that we haven't figured out a better way after so much time.


Still my thoughts and prayers are with you. Sounds like the pup will do just fine, though might not feel so good at the time.



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Great News!!


The Heartworm treatments are over!

Atticus is now on his monthly preventative pill. He will have a test in 6 months to make sure that he is clean, but the Vet thinks he is fine.


Exercize restriction is done - so now we can walk again!

Thanks to everyone who prayed and thought about Atticus.

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BTW,a yearly test for heartworm is standard. And so is preventive treatment. Some people treat their dogs (cats actually can get heartworm, but it is not really very likely) from March to May (depends on climate) to November, and some treat them all year. You can look around for a low cost clinic for such a thing, after he is cleared for good.


As you saw, heartworm is nothign to mess around with and highly preventable.




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