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I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am a BIG fan of the series and watch the reruns every friday night on SciFi.


I haven't noticed any religious overtones to the series, but that might be because I'm so busy laughing my butt of at the great writing. I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well. I'm not ashamed to admit it! :D


River's character (the girl who can kick butt) was in the process of being explained and developed when the series was cancelled. :angry: Stupid TV station!

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Even though I've seen the entire series already, my hubby and I are going to wait until the series plays through again on SciFi. I want the entire story fresh in my mind before I go see the movie.


Oh, and in case anyone didn't know, Buffy and Firefly (Serenity's series is called Firefly) are by the same person. I do hope he (Whedon) does something else for TV soon.


In the meantime I'm starting to enjoy: Prison Break, Surface, Invasion, Threshold, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural along with my old faves CSI, Law and Order, House, Desperate Housewives and Lost. Dang I'm glad I have a DVR so I can watch these things when I have time, or I'd always be in front of the TV. :rolleyes:

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