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Love & Simplicity... Lucas' Journal


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Howdy PC friends,


I'm pretty new on the forum, but I think starting a journal to sort of keep a record of my spiritual journey might be fun and useful... One thing I've realized recently is that I've never really allowed myself to make my love of God the center of my life... I think that the resistance to really embracing this side of myself came from my childhood, s I grew up in a family of militant atheists, and had a lot of shame about my beliefs and the way i saw the world... but I'm not a child anymore and my truth is my truth...


I'm also about to begin an online course on 'The Franciscan Way' with the Center for Action and Contemplation... I'm really looking forward to learning more about St Francis, as I think his simple messages of simplicity and love and really seeking to live Jesus' teachings are, for me, the key to a happy life and to embracing the mystic experience...


Anyway, as I get stuck into the course I'll share my thoughts and experiences here... more to come!






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Have fun with the course, Lucas. Fr. Richard is a good guy, so he probably put together a nice package. I've gone to a couple of Franciscan retreats years ago and they have an interesting spirituality. It's not really "individual" spirituality, but more all-encompassing.



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Lucas please share you thoughts on your journey of discovery and enjoy the bumps on the way to where you already are. In the early 70s I was moved by the movie "Brother Son, Sister Moon". The film exalts Francis of Assisi's spirit so is more like a poem because it doesn't go into the complexity of his personality. The film uses the symbols of worldly materialism in the form of silks, jewels, as signs of power; in contrast, to the symbols of spiritual riches with shoe less monks chanting for joy. One memorable scene scene for me was the shot of entering a church with Christ on the cross with his eyes closed, but after an Epiphany it shows the crucifix with Christ eyes open wide.


Being in a family of atheists is a blessing because it gave you the courage to doubt your doubts, analyze them and choose the best path for yourself. The small inner light of doubt grows as we dig up the truth and expand to embrace it with eyes wide open. Love the still point and peace

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