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Mystical Christianity


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Here is a scripture rendition that I thought you might like Soma. I can't post the whole explanation as it is too long, I'll post the link.


The spiritual realm is not something

Whose coming you can see.


You cannot say

`Here it is!' or

`There it is!'

For the spiritual realm

is within you.


There will come a time

When you want `see'

the spiritual realm

But you will not sight it.


They will tell you

`Look here!' or

`Look there!'

Do not go off following them.


The Image-of-God will come to you

at that time

As lightning strikes across the heavens

first here

then there. ...


That's how it will be when

the Image-of-God

is revealed.


On that night ...

Of two people in the field

one will receive it

the other will be left out.


Wherever the living body is

Eagles will be gathered. Lk 17:37


The New English Bible says: "Where the corpse is, there the vultures will gather." (Lk 17:37) The word which NEB translates "vulture" is aetoi, usually translated "eagle". Its root is related to the words for air and breathing. In the Old Testament, there are at least thirty-two references to eagles as symbols of spirit.


This saying has a parallel (Mt. 24:28) where the word for body is "corpse", ptoma, so there is some confusion here about word choices. However, in Luke, the word is soma. In Homer's time that was used for dead body, but in the classical and New Testament periods, soma usually means living body.


For me, the whole tone of this passage speaks of a change in psychic state, rather than of spacetime events. To me, Jesus is saying that awareness of the spiritual realm, the Image-of-God, can come any time and quite unexpectedly, with remarkable results. Wherever one is, and whenever it happens, one who encounters the Image-of-God becomes fully embued with spirit.


:) Aletheia


Pleromatics Project - Jesus, Cross, Cosmos

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