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Science-Centric Spirituality


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( This seemed like a good place to post this, pardon me if I get it wrong...new on this site)

I would like to address no.1 and no. 3 in the Getting Started post:


To me, faith means that if I pay attention to the moment I find myself in, be it with another person or with nature or with a particular thought, I will feel connected to something far larger than just me or my small life. I will sense my connect to the past that contains but people and nature and to the future which contains both as well.


For no.3 about regarding common grounds with different faith experiences:

I experience a Science-centric Spirituality. From talking with people down through the years and from what I absorbed from American culture, my spiritual feelings, the raw feelinsg themselves, are just as valid and basically the same as those of people with Religion-centric Spirituality.


The difference seems to be what triggers the feelings. For a person of Religion-centric Spirituality it may be readings from a religious text, for me it may be reading a text about a scientific discovery.


I look forward to hearing back from others about this. Thanks.



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Regarding science and spirituality. The "self" in self-consciousness is a human construct in the same way that theism is a human construct. And the saints and mystics of all ages have told us that dying to this "self " is the only way to truly know God. Scientists using fMRI technology have found areas of the brain that are specific to every human function. But there is no specific area of the brain that is representative of a "self" separate from and over against other "selves". "Self"-consciousness is a misnomer that humanity cannot presently see beyond. But the human being of the future will know that there is only Consciousness, that we are all a part of it, and therefore all a part of each other. That is why I cannot harm, or even judge, another person without myself being harmed or judged. I am grateful to Bishop Spong for speaking so clearly regarding the death of theism. I look forward to reading about the death of the idea of "self" that separates me from God, from nature, from other people and from my true Self.


I recommend the book, "A God That Could Be Real", and this 5 minute youtube video

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