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Seven-Part Articles On Pc Site Great!

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I have read the 7 articles on the ProgressiveChristianity.org web site by Ed Taylor (or is it Don Tyler?). They are entitled "Admissions and Confessions of a Progressive Christian Layman" and are so well-written in a sharing way! I concur with almost all that the author says. I must commend this person for excellent and well-researched/quoted writing and would encourage others to read this if they haven't already. Super job on the web site in bringing forth more resources to read!


Randy Wehler


P.S. I'm sorry that I haven't recently posted anything but I'm still here.

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Jesus is important to me, not because he entered or left this world in some supernatural way, but because of what he was, did and said while he was alive and because he gives us our most accurate clue to the nature of God. Every man, to the extent he is good, is a revelation of God. I believe Jesus was truly man but more God-like than any other man or woman who ever lived.


The above excerpt from the article is the only way in which I might consider myself a "Christian." Sadly, there is not a fellowship of such-minded Christians in my experience.


As a Jewish person, this confession comes as close to what we might properly term שִׁיחַ‎ (Moshiah) than anything else I've seen in Christian writings.



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