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1. How does language “an approach to God” fit your spiritual needs?

It fits my needs because it is vague and open ended. As I have aged my view of "an approach to God " has evolved. The one constant have been the teaching and life of Jesus. I assume and look forward to continued evolution in the years to come. There is room in the above statement for the evolution of understanding.


2. What language would you have used for you own spiritual journey?

I am not sure I fully understand the question. The journey to enriched my life.


3. Do you feel as the life and teachings of Jesus have brought you closer to an experience of God? How so?

I have come to understand that God wants me to be happy and wants my life to be worthwhile. The teachings and life of Jesus provides a framework around which this is accomplished.


4. How does the absence of salvation language help or detract from your spiritual path?

In my opinion the concept of salvation, as it is understood and practiced in most church circles, has more to do with the church trying to control the masses than it does anything else. If you disobey the church you will not be saved. There is some wisdom in salvation if you move away from a literal interpretation. If you live a Jesus inspired life there is a good chance you might save yourself from a few problems as well as live non self-centered life of substance.


5. How does the Jesus of history or his teachings affect your understanding of God?

It brings into focus that "belief" really has very little to do with it. My understandings are not tied to Jesus's divinity.


6. How might our understanding of who and what we are, as human beings, change if we remove the need for the sacrifice of Jesus as the Pascal Lamb, our redeemer?

I think there is a way of including sacrifice language without compromising our progressiveness. Jesus did not have to die and did not die because of some agreement with God to spare me from some earned punishment. Rather was willing to die for what he knew was right much like MLK and Gandhi did.


7. What is the difference between savior, hero, master, teacher, or prophet for you?

Savior is personal with some sense of being saved from something.

Hero is a general societal thing with no necessity of a personal attachment.

Master has authority over someone. Expects his/her subjects to obey without question if necessary. Master also takes responsibility of and for his/her subjects.

Teacher teaches (nuff said)

Prophet has wisdom that transcends the obvious. One who tells tomorrows truths.


And that's the way I see it (right now).


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