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A New Look At The New Testament


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Just finished a book titled “Kosher Jesus” by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach


A very different view of the New Testament: the events that led up to the crucifixion, Paul, Peter and Jesus himself. The New Testament from the Jewish viewpoint.


I’m not sure that I completely agree with everything in the book, but most of it makes sense and Rabbi Boteach writes very well. Even if you did not agree with some of it, it still would make very interesting reading. The Rabbi is not negative or blaming and believes that Judaism and Christianity should worship the same G-d shoulder to shoulder and I certainly do not disagree with him on that point.


One point that the Rabbi makes several times, and a point that I very much agree with, is the fact that Jesus was put up for execution by the Romans, (not the Jewish hierarchy) i.e., the Romans executed Jesus, not the Jews. A fact that is glossed over in the gospels is that Pontius Pilate acquired a reputation as the most unforgiving, cruel Roman governor ever assigned to Judea. In fact, after Pilate had slain 2000 Jews for no good reason, Herod Antipas requested that he be relieved of his duties and the Roman Emperor did just that, recalled him and replaced him with another Procurator.


The book is available in either hard cover or Kindle. I got it at our public library, but I am going to buy a copy for my personal library. It is worth sharing.

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Another book of the Jewish-Christian story shedding light is Amy-Jill Levine's The Jewish Annotated New Testament. I've promoted this book on other threads. I feel, similar to Bishop Spong, one needs to study the Jewish connection to understand 1st century Christianity. Forth century and later Christianity is a different Christianity.

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Vridar, Amy-Jill Levine as had another book called, The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus, which I am about 60% through and find it very helpful in trying to understand the Jewishness of Jesus and his first-century context.


Another one in this vein that I've recently finished and that I thought was very good is Jesus the Man: An Introduction for People at Home in the Modern World by Marvin F. Cain. I don't agree with all of Cain's conclusions about Jesus, but that's okay, it got me thinking in new ways about this man I've been fascinated with for 40 years.

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