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Why Columbus Day Should Be Abolished

Neon Genesis

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We've had a similiar issue in Australia, Neon. Here, we celebrate Australia Day on 26 Jan and historically it has been a celebration of the landing of the First Fleet - the first British settlers to Australia. Of course 'settlement' has become a contentious term as, like North America, there were already inhabitants of the land but they weren't capable of stemming the tide of these 'illegal immigrants'.


Protests over the last couple of decades have made people recognise the injustice done to indigenous inhabitants and our national holiday has grown into a celebration of our entire country's 'Australian-ness', including our indigenous heritage.


There are still some groups who oppose any sort of celebration linked to the European 'invasion' of Australia, but others recognise that in a sense "what's done is done" and current society is not to blame. Of course alot has been done to recognise that injustices were committed commencing over 220 years ago. I don't think abolishing the day outright would be balanced (our Australia Day that is) but celebrating it in an inclusive fashion, recognising the wrongs done to indigenous peoples whilst celebrating that it was the start of the great society we have ended up with, might be the most sensible option. Of course, I am not of aboriginal descent though.

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