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Revenge Ain't Sweet!


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I was half watching 20-20 tonight, and there was something like the top 10 myths having to do with your body/health. Most of them were less than earth shaking (moisturizers don't make your skin look younger, natural ingredients aren't that important in shampoo, etc.), but the last one was a discussion of the idea that revenge is sweet. Well apparently it really is bad for you-- raises your blood pressure, causes stress related illness, etc. The best thing for your body is forgiveness. How cool is that, that what is the one of the most pure Judeo-Christian value is also the most healthy for your body and mind?


They interviewed two people. Both of whom had really good reasons to want revenge.


The first was a woman whos' child was abducted and killed. She made the decision to forgive the person that did it. It turned out I guess that she was public about it. And the guy who abducted her daughter ended up calling her and talkign to her for an hour. How many of us would have even wanted to stay on the line?! But staying on the line ended up catching helping to catch the guy, it didn't help her daughter, it was too late (might of prevented more abductions though). Anyway the guy killed himself in prison, and she had a relationship with the murderers family. She mentioned her faith as being a major factor in forgiving him. They asked how her life was now, and she was very happy, in contrast to stories I hear of people who spend their lives in anger.


The other person was a survivor of not just the Holocaust but of Mengeles experiments. She said that at some point, some critical point in her life, she decided to forgive because it was the only way to go on and live her life was basically her point.



This is a little of the first story:



I've always had the feelign that are bodies are smarter than we are sometimes. Here's an example.




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