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Ten Commandments And Questions For Judge Deborah

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What God said to Moses

goes something like this


(1) I am God, the Holy One, and I am beyond all human understanding and at the same time I love you more that anyone else (3) so be thoughtful when you talk to me or about me.


(2) Practice following where I lead you.


(4) I rested on the seventh day. Follow my example. Rest - and think about me and you.


(5) Show honor and respect to your parents, to people who help you, to people who teach you and give you work. Show honor and respect to the people you teach and ask to do things for you. Show honor and respect to all your friends and neighbors.


(6) Keep my creation, the people and the planet, healthy and alive. Help people live to be the best they can be, including yourself.


(7) Loving relationships – that’s the most important thing. Wherever you see healthy and loving relationships help them grow.


(8) Take care of all the stuff you have. Help other people take care of their stuff.


(9) Tell the truth, about yourself and about others, about what happens or what did not happen. Keep it simple. Don’t make the story bigger or smaller than it needs to be.


(10) Be happy with what you have and happier still for the good things other people have.


I really love you and that should be enough – don’t you think?




Questions for Deborah


In figuring out what Deborah might say tell which commandment(s) apply.


(1) Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow. It followed her to school one day. Deborah, what should we do?


(2) I only got a Silver Medal for memorizing the Lord’s Prayer. I only stumbled once a little bit. Judith has problems memorizing so she got to do one part each week and she still got a Gold Medal. Deborah, that’s not fair.


(3) Deborah, It happens ALL the time. My parents are so MEAN. Just when I get to level 999 EVERY night they tell me I have to go to sleep so I will be ready for school in the morning. I will NEVER get to level 1000.


(4) Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them. Leave them alone, everyone said, And they'll come home.. And they all did. All but one. Two days later Sha-boom said to Bo-Peep, "Your sheep's over in the gully. Can't get out. Been there two days." Bo-Peep got her sheep and then dragged Sha-Boom to Deborah with her shepherds crook. “It’s not my sheep,” said Sha-Boom. “I told her where it was. I don’t know why she is so angry.


(5)Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey. Along came Mr. Buffet with a spider and scared Miss Muffet away. “You know I don’t like spiders.” She yelled running to Deborah’s palm tree. Mr. Buffet said, “It was just in fun.”


(6) Georgie Porgie kissed the girls and Martha Ann punched him in the face. “She gave me a black eye,” Georgie complained to Deborah. “I love all the girls.”

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