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Books That Support Conditionalism


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Is Hell eternal? Comparing Traditionalism with Annihilationism

... Annihilationism (aka Conditionalism): This belief states that unsaved individuals

will be punished in Hell only for a period of time that is proportional to ...

http://www.religioustolerance.org/hel_eter.htm - 13k - Cached - Similar pages



... The distinction between conditionalism and annihilationism, as indicated above,

is frequently not observed, and these two terms are commonly used as practical ...


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Hmm, progressives believing that. It presupposes a belief in a literal hell, wouldn't it?

Maybe I'm wrong but most of the Progressive writers I have read don't believe in that.


It's also a nasty image of God. Maybe not as bad as torturing someone forever, but at least torturing someone a LONG time. I would acknowledge that there might be some who would deserve it.



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Yeah, I hear you Des.


I guess IMO, if there is a hell at all, it's a self-imposed one; i.e. when certain people die, they may choose to damn themselves by not opting to not receive the grace and love and communal warmth that God intends for them. They may be souls who feel unworthy of such grace and who punish themselves by essentially putting themselves into a corner away from the party. I'd like to think that such souls would eventually become softened to the point of accepting the grace intended for them. I suppose Hitler, Stalin, etc. might be examples of persons who might not feel good about accepting God's love and grace.


But again, the way I see it, souls may accept or reject the grace that God intends.

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Wow RB, Thanks for showing me this! it says on that link you gave:


"The word is from the Latin nihil, "nothing," and expresses the position of those who hold that some, if not all, human souls will cease to exist after death.


As observed by Warfield, this point of view may take three main forms:


(1) that all human beings inevitably cease to exist altogether at death (materialist);


(2) that, while human beings are naturally mortal, God imparts to the redeemed the gift of immorality and allows the rest of humanity to sink into nothingness (conditional immortality);


(3) that man, being created immortal, fulfills his destiny in salvation, while the reprobates fall into nonexistence either through a direct act of God or through the corrosive effect of evil (annihilationism proper


The Evangelicals seem to hold two views on Hell. #1 That Hell is a literal eternal place or fire torture...or (2) Hell is not a place of litral fire..but it's a place where you are conscious still and cut off from the presense of God.


I don;t believe in EITHER of these interpretattions of hell.


Ok so what is is called when you simply believe that hell means grave or that you simply cease to exist..untill or untill God raises you back to life? Cause that's what i believe. I don;t believe in hell as being any sort of torturd cncious state neither forever nor a short time conscious state. I just believes that when you die you are unconcious in the grave...unless or untill God brings you back to life.

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BroRog - C.S. Lewis wrote a great book that it sounds like you would enjoy. The Great Divorce. It's tremendously funny and humbling.


Also, I read somewhere (I think on one of these boards recently) that Hitler had a spiritual spin on what he was doing. Perhaps, like W, the abstract thought failed dramatically.


Beach - John Edwards (yeh, the medium from Crossing Over) believes in a slightly different form of being separated from God, but not by the uncrossable chasm. He talks about "warmth" being close to God and levels of awareness/existence getting farther away being colder. The "deserving" are furthest away, but can continue to progress towards God if they choose.



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