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C. G. Jung And Christianity Links

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As some here already know, I'm rather fond of the work of C. G. Jung. I decided to a search for connections between Progressive Christianity and Jung and ended up right back here.


Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, The Psychiatrist of Christianity


Having read the article, it's a bit too flattering - but it makes some good points.




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Spiegelmans article covers a lot of ground. I like the way he showed that Jung connected the book of Job to the incarnation. The author says Yahweh feels moral guilt at having done wrong to Job and regenerates himself, becomes the good God. The real reason for Gods becoming man is to be sought in his encounter with Job. It means nothing less than a world-shaking transformation of God…at the time of Creation, he revealed himself in nature; how he wants to become man. This incarnation is not confined to the one human, but is presaged as continual.


I appreciated how the author brings in Sophia as the wisdom that changes Yahwehs nature. The realization of Sophia as the feminine principle of God betokens a coming act of creation, as a loving spirit better than might. (Marcus Borg often makes the same point the figure of Sophia in Proverbs reflecting a shift in the concept of the divine, fulfilled in Jesus.) The article also focuses on the image of Mary as being equal to God the Father, the Son and the holy spirit-- some interesting comparisons to Greek myths as well.


The political interpretations in the last third were a little beyond me, but the article made me want to read more of Jungs work on Christianity.

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