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  1. Getting ready for Hurricane Irene. We are inland about 15 miles north west of New York Harbor on the back side of South Mountain. I am mainly worried about trees falling in yard and getting prepared for possibly extended period without power.
  2. Welcome and thank you for sharing your story. I am also a Spong Subscriber. It might be interesting to start a thread each week in the Spong topic area to discuss his email. The recent emails on his lecture tour in Germany have been outstanding.
  3. Welcome and thanks for this discussion topic. First let me say I am Episcopalian and happen to live in the diocese where Bishop Spong was Bishop when he was active in the church administration. He is no longer active in that capacity but I see his influence in the preaching I hear from the pulpit each Sunday. I think we need to be careful about interpreting our word usage. I would for example consider deism and theism to be different but I would not consider atheism and deism to be compatable. Therefore I think of the word atheism as implying something stronger than non-theism.
  4. I believe that current scholarship asserts that this was all compiled aroung 500 BCE during the time of exile to Babylon from various traditions and sources. I have been wondering how far back prior to that does it have any historical truth value. I read that the story of Moses may have appeared around 700 BCE and was telling of events from 1200 BCE. Historians are uncertain whether anything like a migration from Egypt actually occured. So Moses is probably pre-history. David potentially referenced as early as 850 BCE would have existed around 1000 BCE, and may have some actual place in hi
  5. I am back to work after two weeks on paternity leave. During this break I have had lots of time to think about philosophy and religion. Now I need to motivate myself to thinking about finance and banking again. Our two year old son got his first hair but yesterday. Our little girl is doing great as we approach her one month birthday. She is still in the helpless infant stage, just eating and sleeping and crying.
  6. That is an excellent point. It does appear to me that the early conception of god in the OT was of a war god who was one among many and lived in a tent which was carried around with the nomadic tribe he had attached himself to. The nomads settled down and decided eventually that this god was greater than the other war gods and in fact this god was the creator of everything. Then the other gods fade from the picture and become simply idols or demons. The completed cannonical representation of this god to me is the representation in Paradise Lost by John Milton. Paradise Lost captures t
  7. I really like rivanna's answer, which I will paraphrase as 'same God, evolving perception.' There are a few assumptions in the question which provote my thought. It is stated as if there are two books, the OT and the NT. In reality, there are many more books and snippets of writing strung together in books which have come down to use together as the Christian bible (with a few books in the middle that are in some of our bibles but not all). So the idea of there being consistent coherent representations which you can constuct by taking different subsets of the bible is a challenging as
  8. My initial thought is that it related to social motivations. Most of the German philosophers up to Hegel where students in Lutheran seminary; that was the main educational path following high school. The development of liberal theology was associated with those who wanted to reconcile the developments in enlightenment philosophy with their careers in religion. Following through with their career to become a priest would be the most practical outcome, that is what Schleiermacher did. I see the natural religion as being a progression from the liberal theology which was more idealistic
  9. I don't have an opinion about Rudy Gelder. I have been exposed to audiophile sensibilities both from my own interest and through friends who spent a great deal of money on audiphile quality equipment. Since the quality of sound goes through the whole process starting with the recording at the performance I can understand the interest in the recording engineer. Within music there is the sounds and there is the structure; in jazz both are important. I am probably more focused on the structure and happy with a certain reasonable sound quality. Yes, Jerry Garcia played with David Grisman
  10. My musical tastes are charactized by two things. One is that I am a huge Grateful Dead fan; most of my listening time is spent listening to Grateful Dead concert recordings. The second is that I play piano so I am interested in music theory and musicians which relate to the piano. For jazz, I like to learn the standards and listen to the great jazz musicians interpreting the standards. I listen to piano players like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Bill Evans, and Keith Jarrett. I can play a nice rendition of Autumn Leaves. For bluegrass I have to start from my Grateful Dead orienta
  11. i spent a little time browsing CARM. I was wondering if i could join for some interesting discussion but I think it is likely I would be torn apart there; it appears to be focused on maintaining the Evangelical orthodoxy. I might continue to browse there some just to get some perspective on that way of thinking.
  12. Yes, it is hard to deprogram years of indoctrination. As I have mentioned I went to an conservative Evangelical school from third grade through eighth grade; that is six years. It seemed to take me twenty years to lose my religion and reach a point where I could approach religion and Christianity again without the baggage. For my journey it was very useful to educate myself in the liberal traditions in Europe going back to around the 1750's. If you consider the path of the Enlightenment there is one path which led to deism and natural religion, one that lead to atheism and one that l
  13. Welcome here. I look forward to getting know about you in this forum and sharing with you. I had not heard of CARM but just had a quick look. i would be interested in hearing about your experience there. I am not sure I would be able to fit in there.
  14. I look forward to getting to know you here. I like bluegrass and jazz. Do you play any instruments? I play a bit of piano but very amataur; this is one of my unfafilled ambitions in life. I am not familiar with UCC. Could you expand the acronym so I am sure what that stands for? United Church of Christ?
  15. Hello and welcome to this site Scott of Faith. Thank you for bringing to my attention that Progressive Christianity (PC) has a Wikipedia entry. I had not noticed that. I think you will find a great diversity of perscpectives and beliefs (or skepticism) here. I would first identify myself as a Christian and secondarily as an Episcopalian. I found the PC forum because it has an association with John Spong who is the former bishop of my Episcopalian diocese. I don't find anything dissagreable in the 8 points of PC but I don't have them memorized and I don't recite them each week after t
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