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I grew up as a Roman Catholic from Québec and left the Church as a teenager. I was received in the Anglican Church last November. I was so relieved to see that all the questions that had lead me to leave the Church many many years ago were shared by others. I am discovering that what I thought was lack of faith on my part (as I was told that faith is a gift, I thought I had just been forgotten when the gift was passed around) was in fact a strong aversion for the staunch tradition and lack of valid answers I grew up with. I'm hoping to have some great discussions here!

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Welcome, Iouba! Yes, we have some good discussions! We hardly ever reach any conclusions, but we have good discussions! :lol: Join in!


Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.

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Welcome louba,


Grew up a catholic myself. You are not among strangers. And may your hopes all be fulfilled here.





Yes, then you do know how I felt! I am hoping to find others on the same search.

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