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Jill Bolte Taylor


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I just watched a video about Jill talking about her stroke.


I found this video to be VERY much in line with the ideas of Progressive Christianity. I invite people to watch it (if they haven't already) and share what they think about her experience and her conclusions.

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I am proud to say that Jill's father Hal is a friend of mine. Hal is a retired Episcopalian Priest living in Bloomington, IN. He is a man that really lives the lesson Christ taught. Here are a couple of links with a little about Hal. It's no wonder that his daughter turned out to be a positive influence too.


New leaf new Life.

Homeless Live in Man's Backyard

In Jail For No Reason


I purchased Jill's book last year about this time and have read it and passed it on to others. It is a wonderful book. It gave me deeper insight into the life force and the consciousness aspect. I highly recommend it.

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