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Happy Thanksgiving!

Neon Genesis

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That's great NeonGenesis.


Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! And to everyone!


I'm thankful for my girlfriend, my family, my self, and for the Divine - which is unconditionally accepting of every being in the universe.





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Happy Thanksgiving to All!! Hope you all had a wonderful day!


Neon, I'm so happy for you! Very glad you have someone in your family who is supportive of you.


I am grateful for life. Life is such a beautiful thing, and I don't mean just my own, but all living things, starting with my children and grandchildren and the whole human, animal and garden kingdoms. We're all one, dancing the dance of life on this most glorious planet! What a wonderful experience! (okay, not always so wonderful, but definitely an experience...lol).



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I am thankful for the joy of awakening and that every step of the path is the way. I refer to myself as a mystical fool and I am thankful that my wife and kids let me be myself. They let me live the life I am suppose to live. Neon, I am happy for you and your sister. May you awaken together every step of the way.

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