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Gary Sigler

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I have enjoyed the ministry of Gary Sigler for over 10 years now. He came from a Charismatic/Evangelical background, and he speaks in a way that if you came from those backgrounds you would relate. Its a bit difficult to describe his teachings. He takes a very spiritual and mystical approach to understanding the things of God. That is how I would describe it. Yet, he teaches it in a way that is down to earth. Its not so far out that your going to be lost, lol. He teaches that we are all manifestations of God on earth here to grow and learn. He teaches the reconciliation message that eventually all people will be reconciled back to God. (Universalism) He teaches that God is bigger than any one religion and really isn't so concerned with what religion you are but where your heart is. Gary's website has an audio section where you can listen to his messages. He also has a good message board where you can talk to others. The message board has a very mystical flavor. His website is Sigler.org

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