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Hola Everybody!


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Hey whats up everyone,


My name's Anthony, I'm 21 years old, and I stumbled across this website by pure chance... or was it fate!? Anyways, I was raised Catholic and still attend mass regularly, despite the fact that my beliefs have developed into something quite distant from traditional Church doctrine. Ever since my sophomore year in college, I've been grappling with some serious questions of faith, and I've been somewhat of a controversy within the Christian circles at my university as well as in my own family. I've discovered that most of the time, people are either cynical and disillusioned completely with religion, or obsessed with minute doctrines or hot button issues that seem entirely irrelevant to me. I've always leaned towards a much more flexible, fluid image of God, and it is reaffirming to read your organization's stance on many of the things I run into so much conflict over. I literally don't know what I believe specifically, except that God is directly influencing our lives, is deeply invested in each of us, and above all else wants us to realize that He knows what's best for us.


I also would like to add that I commit much of my time to producing artwork that directly confronts religious folk that are oh so comfortable in their dogmatic beliefs. For a sampling of my work, check out www.artferg.com


My most recent paintings as well as the Graphic Sermon section under the Illustrations header are the most relevant to this discussion, but I feel that all of my art is in some way a manifestation of God's grace. I feel a duty to produce art, not for my own ambition, but to fulfill whatever it is that God wants to do with it!




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Hi Anthony,


I visited your web and was taken with the art, energy, directness of your work. It will be interesting to me to hear, and see, more from you. You are the kind of person with whom I would love to have a conversation over a cup of coffee or whatever. I'm buying.


Welcome, Robert Gutleben

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