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Intruducing Myself :)


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I guess I'll start with a little about me:

My name is Jon (Hence the username :)). I am 15yrs old and enjoy Football, Basketball and Hockey.

I came to the realization that I was a Progressive Christian about 2 years ago, After I started studying the Bible for myself and reading the teachings of Christ.

Another thing that set me apart, My Political views. I felt at odds with most in my church because of my rather Progressive Political Views.

I still attend a pretty Conservative church but found this site while googling Progressive Christianity. I also post on other forums (Mostly Political) and write a Political blog in my spare time. It's great to be here, Hope I can have many great discussions in the future.




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Glad to have you here Jon, feel free to join in and participate. Christianity is changing with the times and I feel that liberal theology is busy creatively exploring just how Christianity can still inform life both on the level of society and as individuals, looking to the past, the future, and living into God's present. It's an interesting story that's unfolding, and equally interesting to be part of it.


Peace to you,


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