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My name is Marni.


I am 30-something, a wife, mommy, and aspiring author who is taking up piano. I reside in the Charlotte area of NC, and truly desire a change in climate to someplace up in the Pacific Northwest later on down the road. I am a christian, however I have not always been. I was raised Jewish and turned to Paganism at the age of 20 - and lived as a practicing Witch for 6 years before coming to Christ. Coming from the diverse background I do - I have very different viewpoints than the majority of christians do. I do not attend a church with my family - for my husband (who is also a former Pagan practitioner) and I do not believe the church today is what God intended for The Church (The Body of Christ). So I, along with him, follow the leading of Christ through the guidance of scripture (which I do find is to be the inspired word of God) and the leading of the holy spirit in my (our) heart(s). And the reason I bring my husband into my personal introduction is because we are of very similar mindset when it comes to our spiritual beliefs and walk - we have walked very similar paths - and considering this our experiences have brought us closer together, we are more entwined in each other than a lot of married couples are on the spiritual level.


That is about it for now. See you all on the boards.

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