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Progressive Christian Hypocrites

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Where is the so-called tolerance of faiths here on this TCPC? I'll tell you where. It is locked away in Joseph's inability to get over his own ego and all the rest of you who are willing to kow tow to Joseph's ego trips. Those who are not willing to kow tow Joseph gets rid of and none of you complains. This treatment of those who do not agree to the forum owners personal definitions of faith is exactly the same as one finds on most any fundamentalist Christian forum such as CARM. Ego trippers without anything to offer intelligently often wind up as petty authoritarians wherever they can find a group who will allow themselves to be led like sheep in order to belong to a group. This is why these types of forums become reduced to a few regular posters while those who think outside the group mindset are run off one way or another, e.g. me and DavidK. So nothing has changed with "Progressive Christianity".


I find it a joke that you people really do think you are "progressive". Where is it, this "progress"? You don't even know what you believe in as Progressive Christianity devolves more and more into another UU/Unity nebulous and meaningless "Christianity" that has long lost it's "salt", its spiritual power. As I said religion cannot be formed by intellectual effort and by throwing out the spiritual foundation of Christianity, i.e. by reducing Christianity to just one of any number of acceptable spiritual paths, one has lost the reasons why God brought the Spirit of Christ to earth in the first place.


When Joseph's power over TCPC member's ability to post their beliefs without being subject to one person's ideas of what constitutes acceptable beliefs then I will participate again. DavidK's ability to post his Christian beliefs freely on these boards will be the indicator of a serious sea-change that needs to happen on this TCPC forum. Or not happen. It's up to you whether intellectual honesty is a value or not or if group think is the highest value here. Either way, I will be around doing my prophesy bearing work which is how our religion rejuvenates itself to meet the demands of each unfolding aeon.

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The above post has not been edited. Moderator considers it an unacceptable post for a member of TCPC. Views can always be made without personal attacks or making it personal. Poster was warned, suspended and now is banned, not for his views, but for behavior. The act of which I take no pleasure in.


Joseph (Moderator/admin2)

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