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Prayer Walking

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CrossWalk America: Prayer Walking



"One of the benefits I have discovered from all this walking is that walking can be a powerful form of prayer. Linking the physical and spiritual has connected me with God in ways I'd never thought possible."

- CWA Core Walk Team Member




What is Prayer Walking?




At its most basic level, prayer walking is simply walking and praying at the same time. How one walks and prays, however, takes many forms around the world and in different faith traditions.


To some people, prayer walking is a deeply contemplative exercise in which a person walks at a very slow pace while opening one's self up to God. Others use prayer walking as a form of blessing the world, asking that God bring peace or other benefits to the lives of those whose footsteps fall on the same pavement or path.


Still others understand prayer walking in more simple, practical terms. They wear a pedometer (step counter) all day, which gently reminds them that each step throughout the day is devoted to God. At various times they may very deliberately walk and pray at the same time. Other times, they may simply walk, trusting that wearing a pedometer makes them unconsciously aware of the fact that their day has been devoted to God.


Prayer walkers of all stripes report feeling more connected with their spiritual selves throughout the day. Many choose to record the steps or mileage counted on their pedometers at the end of each day in a journal. Recording steps provides an opportunity to look back over the day, calling to mind and perhaps writing down any insights or breakthroughs before they are forgotten.

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