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For good progressive general backgrounds on the Bible, consider:


The Good Book: Reading the Bible With Mind & Heart, Peter Gomes


Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, John Spong


For a more academic (not necessarily overtly progressive, but certainly not conservative) set of commentaries re: the books of the Bible see either


1) The New Interpreter's Bible Commentary (1 book survey)


2) The New Interpreter's Bible Commentary 12 book series


Go to www.amazon.com to read reviews

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The world can certainly use a progressive study Bible, but I don't think there is one yet.


The best historical-critical Bible commentary, IMHO, is actually the one the Roman Catholics use--the New Jerome Biblical Commentary. It goes into source criticism, myths that influenced Judeo-Christian traditions, etc., and is just generally a lot more objective than you might expect a denominational commentary to be. Highest recommendation.


The Oxford Annotated NRSV is also nice, but doesn't go into the same level of detail.


A good inclusivist commentary on Christ's central teachings can be found in The Sermon on the Mount According to Vedanta by Swami Prabhavananda.






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"Evolution of Consciousness" is a book that explaings how we are all connedted. It shows how Christ consciousness is all inclusive and not exclusive in the way it is presented by fundamentalist. It brings a spiritual consciousness raising to Christians who have been turned off by preaching. The site is



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