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Big Mind, Big Heart


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Genpo is quite a controversial figure in the world of zen. My own zen teacher sternly advised me to stay away from him, even though another friend who is a student of Genpo was offering to pay my way to do a retreat there. Apparently there is some sort of scandal in his past.


Others are more charitable toward him, and I have no direct experience with him myself, or his techniques. The most frequent criticism I hear of him is that he appears to be selling a fast-food version of enlightenment, at pretty dear prices.


There is a series of videos on YouTube that talk about his techniques which you might find interesting:



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Thank you so much for providing this connection. I am a tech dinosaur. I do not watch YouTubes and I would have no idea how to provide the connection that you did so that people can watch these YouTubes. I still read books. So my first response is just a fascination with the technology that you have used to bring this to our attention. Thank you for doing that.


I have always been fascinated with Zen since Alan Watts. But evidently it is much more serious for you. I do understand that he supports the “fast food” version for “waking up” and this troubles many who spend years in the process. Watts had a similar reputation. It is like the McDonalds for the masses.


I am somewhat troubled by the fact that the YouTubes encourages even more of that desire to find out fast what a person is saying and then decide on just one French fry what the whole meal is like. So I would caution those who watch these YouTubes on that. Having said that it is possible that some will get a “taste” enough so they will actually read “Big Mind-Big Heart”. It is an easy read. I did it in one sitting.


The other thing I like about what you have connected us with is that people will be able to see and hear Ken Wilbur who is very supportive of Genpo. I am very supportive of Ken Wilbur. Again realize that what you see on these YouTubes is just a taste and if you find that taste appealing you may want to explore more of Wilbur.


I think both Genpo and Wilbur can relate well to Progressive Christianity. Wilbur has been included by TCPC in their library.


Anyway if someone does read “Big Mind-Big Heart” let me know, I would like to discuss it here.

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