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Peace & Justice Sermon

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I'd like to offer the following sermon and litanies, etc. for others to explore and make use of as you see fit. You're welcome to preach the sermon in your own settings, but please credit Rev. Roger Wolsey of the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church.


I'd also appreciate any feedback that you'd like to pass on to me as I hone my homelitic craft. I'm getting better at receiving constructive criticism. : ) peace.


Here's the link: http://www.rmcumc.org/MI/Justice/pJsermon.doc

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I like it very much because it reflects your concern, intentions and will to follow Jesus into the world of service.


Our world is overwhelmed with suffering and despair.

A small change

You place us in a world overwhelmed with suffering and despair


I like you intensity to help others, you are being guided and blessed.

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Very nice I read through what you wrote you did a very good job.


I was called to think of many of the injustices that I have suffered and how I don't want any one else to suffer like I did.


I was also thinking of what I am called to write about this morning, it is on the subject of being insensitive, how is it that so many people can live day to day and never see who inconsiderate they have become? Is this because we are too tired? Overworked and overstressed? I think our lives have taken many turns and we fail to sometimes realize just how we come off even to those that we want to be our friends. Sharing and caring is the focus of many of my writings, when read with this theme as the foundation, my writings will strike an emotional cord.


How do we teach our children to care? How do we reach the adults?


One of my jokes that is not a joke is about how we were led into this war in Iraq, I had the pleasure of being faslely accused of a crime I didn't commit, the man a detective that I would find out later had lied in another court room and was reprimanded by a judge for lying in another case, lied to gain the conviction against me, next I would have many people caught in a trap to lie about me to protect themselves. The lies would get covered up, and yet a youth minister would know the truth, the weight of the lies is upon his shoulders because he fails to let the truth be known. With bits and pieces none of the story would all come together unless I push on... And so here I am, after watching the detective and others then I would see our president use the same exact manerisms and tell us something that I new was not true because I had listened to Scott Ritter, I knew that what was claimed was not true, the only conclusion I could make is that the President of the United States was not listening to the reports of the U.N. inspectors, you and I call this selective listening or hearing. A good leader listens to all sides, justice is delivered by hearing all sides, I was convicted of an injustice because what I was saying was not heard or I was not permitted to state the facts in the beginning.


You fix a lie by telling the truth.


The most offensive thing is to prevent a defense, and to offend a person without allowing clarification or taking what was stated and twisting the meaning or spinning a person's words into another meaning that was never implied is most offensive.


When I first became one with my wife, I told her that I didn't want her to buy Christmas lights that didn't have a UL listings tag. She tells the children that I wouldn't allow her to buy Christmas lights. That wasn't my issue, I wanted lights that were tested so that there was less of a chance of a fire breaking out, lights and electronics that have the UL listing tag have been tested and most of these products use better quality parts to protect against overheating. My wife often remembers part of the information but not all of the information is disclosed. Her focus often takes my mind in directions that lead me away from what I actually said and I have no defense for her accusations that are eschewed. I end up with no defense. After some time of pondering what it was that I thought, I then see how one part of what I said was heard but not the other. The important part was to look for the UL listing.

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