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  1. When did wikipedia become the truth?
  2. More personal opinion pretending to be historical accuracy.
  3. "it could be".... This isn't evidence.
  4. As i stated... You are a product of your "church", as you are defining what you say is wrong regarding what im teaching, based on what you have been taught. So, you are become, what you are defining me to be. Now, i explained that i am not a denomination. You do not hear me talking about my church or what my church says, as im not that person. Im not what my church told me to tell you, and that is why, i only quoted what Jesus said... "how do we know that is what Jesus said, said the skeptic"?, which is the same as me telling the Atheist,....."you can't prove that God does not exist'.
  5. Isn't your point of view based on what you are describing as why i have mine? "fastguitars, you believe what you believe based on what you have been taught to believe". Well, Kellerman, welcome to yourself, as what you believe is based on your group, and your point of view is consistent with those you classify as your "church". As for me, im not a part of denominational thinking. Why is that? Its because Christianity is not a religion, and Denominations were not created by Christ or by the Apostles. Denominations are the work of MEN, who decided that "their opinion" was going to be the rules and regulations that defined THEIR Denomination., and so, they are defining your point of view, which you think, is you own point of view. Not quite. So, setting the traditions of men aside, and all the POV that create religious POV, let me just just say this... Jesus is real. He died on the Cross. He came out of the Grave. And He said that "No person comes to the Father by by ME". If this is not true, then there is no reason not to keep believing what your particular "church" teaches, which is...>"your opinion is truth, and all truth is relative".
  6. Homosexuality is not the attraction, its the sex acts. "Homo" = same or one. "sexual", = type of sex you enjoy as a LIFESTYLE. "homosexual sex" is what defines you as a homosexual. Desiring to molest little children is another type of sexual lifestyle....so, should we believe they are "born this way" and legalize them also? C'mon. Did you realize that every Transgender is a homosexual? So.....Notice that this is distinctly different than being "born black" "born a woman", "born a native American" "born a jew". See those? So, the issue..... the LIE, is when a "group" is given ethnic status based on "sexual attraction" and this is taught as "its the same as being born a "woman". "its an ethnic group". See that LIE? = Thats the media driven cultural shell game of nonsense.. See how they had to try to legit sex acts, as "ethnic group", ????? = so that they could legalize the FAKE "civil rights" of the person based on their sex life, as if this is the same as being "born black", "born a woman" "born a asian". "born a jew". = "born this way". Its incredibly deceptive nonsense, and some really bright people can't even realize it, because they have become media led sheep.
  7. Heterosexual, is defined as "sexual desire for the opposite sex, committed as a sexual lifestyle". Homosexual is defined as "sexual desire for the same gender, committed as a sexual lifestyle". Have you noticed that there are no "civil rights" given to "heterosexuality", but they are given to "homosexuals"? So, what does that mean? It means that civil rights are given to homosexuals, based on their sex life, as that is what defines them as "Gay". So, how can that be the same as civil rights given to women, blacks, or an ethnic group? A.) It can't, so, its a lie that is being legally performed, as "gay rights", based on this lie..."born this way". That's not a reality. That is a Lady GaGa song that has become accepted as truth by people who are media led sheep. However, its not truth.
  8. Well, its like i just told someone else. If Jesus didnt rise from the dead, then you have a point. However, if He did come out of the grave, and He did..... then you have a problem that you can't solve by analyzing it, or speculating about it.
  9. Christianity is built on 2 situations. 1. Jesus said that He is the only way God. John 14:6 and offers that you can be freely restored back to relationship with God. In Christian terms this is ..."reconciliation" or "Salvation". 2. Jesus rose from the dead proving that what He said, is true. Now, if both of those or one of those is not true, then dont worry about it., Live your life in search of...... But if Jesus came out of that Grave, alive, then that's a different alternative that you can choose to ignore, but it wont be ignored once you die. If the grave is the end, then, have fun and do what you will. However if Jesus came out of that tomb, alive...... and He did, i can promise you this.....then, you have till the end of your days to allow God's love, which is that CROSS, to deal with your sin. You get to choose this, and God will honor your choice after you die. That is a promise.
  10. You said that your church does not place emphasis on Christ being the only way to God, based on the Cross. So, if that is not the center of your church's doctrine, then can you tell us what other way or means your church teaches that a person can place faith in that will cause God to give them the new birth? (born again)?
  11. "gay" lifestyle is the pursuit of homosexual sexuality, as this is the definition. Its not "honest" to pretend that "gay lifestyle" is not strictly related to the pursuit of sexuality that is "homosexual". Therefore , its not honest to maintain the claim that "gay civil rights" is not based on what dictates the definition of "homosexual", which is, the "gay" sexuality, and nothing more and nothing less.
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