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  1. Early Christians, however, would have followed some form of the gospel portion of the Bible, albeit in an orally transmitted form. That doesn't mean they weren't following some form of the Bible just because it wasn't written down. 2000 years later the only remnant we have of that oral tradition is recorded in the Bible (unless you believe the apocryphal gospels are accurate) and in some earlier forms of the same texts that are in the Bible. My question was about how PC accept portions of these teachings that are incompatible with a progressive ideology, or conversely how they justify reta
  2. I don't understand the use of the word "Christianity" in "Progressive Christianity" then. If the words of Jesus are considered "no more divinely inspired than any other religious text" than why not simply refer to it is religious universalism (the belief that all religions are true) or indifferentism (the belief that having a religion is important but that one religion is equally as good as another).
  3. I'm an atheist, so I think perhaps I can clear up a bit of a confusion here. To most self-identified atheists the term means someone who does not believe in one or more gods. This does not mean that we believe that God or gods don't exist. A lack of belief in the positive is not a belief in the negative. A little analogy to illustrate: Sarah goes for a walk with her friend Timothy. They find a jar of jelly beans. Timothy says to Sarah "There is an even number of jelly beans in that jar." Sarah replies "I don't believe that." Timothy says "So you believe in an odd number of jelly beans, the
  4. ***NOTE: Part of the title got cut off, it should say "Including The Gospels?". Sorry I'm new to this forum, so I didn't know it would do that and I don't know if I can fix it. In the future I will preview.*** I am not a Christian. Neither am I anti-Christian. I would describe myself as a ritual atheist: I do not believe in God or any other deity, but I admire the symbolism, art, ceremonies, and some teachings of many religions, including Christianity. I believe all religions are made by ordinary humans and religious texts are a mix of embellished history and myth. As I understand it,
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