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New worshiping/learning/serving community

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I am trying to form a new worshiping/learning/serving community that is:
-Unapologetically progressive
-Focused on following Jesus with action rather than believing the "right things"
-Rooted in Christian tradition while focused on the world around
-Sacramental-recognizes that Communion is the table that empowers people for activism
-Isn't interested in watering down the radical teachings of Jesus about justice for the oppressed and liberation for the poor in exchange for false notions of unity
-Believes that the only way to follow Jesus the activist and servant is through activism and service

I am physically located in the Pittsburgh suburbs, but this can be a virtual or hybrid virtual and in-person community, so location is not necessarily a barrier. 

Want to learn more? Join our Facebook group to be a part of what may be born:



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