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Living The Questions?


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Living the Questions was suggested to me as a possible spiritual development course at our church. I know we've glossed over this before here, but now I'm looking for some feedback from people who have actually been through it.


More specifically, what worked? What didn't? I know there's a prior thread on this forum. I'd like to hear more though.

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We've got through to about session 5, and I'm enjoying it. It's got some interesting people and views and it's sparked some good discussion. There seems to be an awful lot in each session so we've either just watched a part of it, or watched the whole of it and then spent several weeks talking about it. I think you probably need to know quite a bit before you start, or be able to take in a lot of new ideas quickly. It's probably not something for newcomers to christianity or theology.


The downside, and for me it's a very irritating and intrusive downside, is that it is just so badly produced. The camera work is appaling, initially amusing, deteriorating into embarassingly bad. The interviewers appear to me like over enthusiatic counsellor trainees - rigid, nodding and smiling. I've taken to sitting where I can't see the screen or closing my eyes - which improves it no end. Unfortunately, there's a random piano player who cuts in every now and then which i can't shut out.


So maybe if it was re-shot ........ and er, the piano player was shot ........

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