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Oracle Of The Phoenix:visionary Encounters With The Radical Phoenix Li


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Hi everyone. I'd like to make my book available for discussion. It is posted on my website in a variety of formats. I sincerely would like to engage in conversation with the intent to clarify points made and to receive feedback that I can use moving forward in the various interviews I do. The book concerns a very famous UFO sighting that happened 18 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. I was one of the first witnesses to the sightings since I had been recording them on consecutive days prior to the culmination on March 13, 1997. The sighting has been featured on many television shows and documentaries as well as full-length motion pictures.


My approach has been to analyse the event from a spiritual perspective, looking at various religious texts and native american mythology to construct a narrative that seeks to show the universality of the sources of our diverse world views. I am Jewish but I discuss the Jesus story from the point of view that Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew - with the the creation of Christianity mainly the result of the work of Paul/Saul. I also feature a scientific analysis of the event itself showing that the official explanation of flares is unlikely in a section of my website called Triangulation.


With that - here is the link http://www.oracleofthephoenix.com/read-online.html



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