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  1. Hi soma - the link is in the book section of the board. Here is a promo for the book I created today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEJ62KMiivs
  2. Thanks for the nice welcome Paul and Joseph. Also thanks for the valuable time you have to peruse my work. Warmly appreciated! - Steve
  3. Hello - I'm glad I found this site. I'm engaging with open-minded folks these days as I'm sharing a new interactive multi-media book I've written that's pretty religiously progressive. I've posted the link to the book in another thread. I do plan to engage in other conversations as I'm always learning something new. My background is Jewish but I'm interested in common ideas that cross barriers and encourage respect and honor of all traditions.
  4. Hi everyone. I'd like to make my book available for discussion. It is posted on my website in a variety of formats. I sincerely would like to engage in conversation with the intent to clarify points made and to receive feedback that I can use moving forward in the various interviews I do. The book concerns a very famous UFO sighting that happened 18 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. I was one of the first witnesses to the sightings since I had been recording them on consecutive days prior to the culmination on March 13, 1997. The sighting has been featured on many television shows and documentaries as well as full-length motion pictures. My approach has been to analyse the event from a spiritual perspective, looking at various religious texts and native american mythology to construct a narrative that seeks to show the universality of the sources of our diverse world views. I am Jewish but I discuss the Jesus story from the point of view that Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew - with the the creation of Christianity mainly the result of the work of Paul/Saul. I also feature a scientific analysis of the event itself showing that the official explanation of flares is unlikely in a section of my website called Triangulation. With that - here is the link http://www.oracleofthephoenix.com/read-online.html
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