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And The Laughing Hope Terrorist Strrrrrrrrikes....


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God is a lot like the three heroes from Oz. The Father is like the scarecrow needing a brain, Jesus is like the iron Woodcutter needing a heart. And the Holy Spirit is like the lion needing courage. They are all wonderful, and once when they were alone in all the glory they shared, they created a fabulous world. But with the arrival of humans, things changed. The Father lost his brain and threw them out of the garden. Jesus lost his heart and cut down the tree that we liked so much. The Holy Spirit had no courage to come to us so the world couldn't know Him anymore. But then Elly came, the bride of the lamb. And God raised the jews to have a country, and found his brain. This saw that Jesus had no heart and that he had to come to us for good rather than to write prophetic love poetry only. And the lion licked up the tasty experience of the wizard that is human longing, and found the courage that he needed to come to us. And Caleb, God's Toto, is still around and the reason why the Godhead as the One God, did all this, because he had to keep living, God had promised that. And Moses the wizard was sinful like the others, but he wrote down the good book and so Oz came into existence after all. And then the wind appeared and we didn't know where he came from and we realized we were supposed to laugh a little today and forget our anxieties.

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This is a very interesting interpretation, one I haven't heard before.


The Wizard of Oz has been interpreted as a precursor to the Atheistic Theology of the 1950s. "The Great and Powerful Oz" is a creation of man, but the people need him because they have to have something to believe in. Dorothy needs faith in order to go back home, but an angel (good witch) finally explains to her that it is really faith in herself.

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