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  1. I had one good spiritual experience about 4 years ago. It was summer and I had decided to make a wandering trip through the countryside to a place (an old big railroad bridge) that I have always loved. On my way there I thought again about the theology of universalism, that in the end God saves everyone of us and that we are all very much loved by God, no matter really what we did or did not do in life, and that God would make a difference also in this world and, like spring following winter, good times would always follow the bad times again should they have befallen us. At this point I w
  2. Okay, this is probably a difficult matter for me to tackle, but I want to try it, if only to see how progressive christians respond to it. The issue is this, I am diagnosed with schizophrenia for about 14 years now. And for quite a length of time in it I was told by conservative christians that my medical problem has to do with demons. I cannot remember to ever have had to do with the occult, beyond listening to some gothic music when I was young, and having had some juvenile, short and, for me, rather meaningless engagement with satan when I was a youth. If I would describe it, then I
  3. Beautiful topic. I find it interesting to note that while energy is not getting lost, the patterns in an energy field can change from one to another so completely that there is no identity anymore. That is where I think mysticism must latch on, the problem of identity and death. Does death free us from our identity while mystically we can retain it so to know such a change? On my desk I have a photo of my dad who died 4 years ago. Sometimes when I am close to God and open to love, it's like I can see him smile in the photo in a certain light. Yes, this life here certainly includes much
  4. I've thought much about this topic. It seems to me that people either buy into a Lord God (who appears more like an alpha male being than a divine majesty), or they disbelieve in a personal God. Simply believing in a good God seems hard for many although in their private life they should recognize that we all depend on a God who feels genuine goodness for all of His creations. Personally I choose to have some panentheistic beliefs in this matter, that God literally inhabits the world and that there are metaphysical constraints to His activity. That God is partially identical or perhaps I s
  5. Hello, I've written on this forum sometimes and now I wanted to ask where can I find a mentor or maybe a study group of progressive christianity online. I live in a remote town in east germany's ore mountains and don't get around much. This is a bit like Germany's version of the bible belt, so christianity here is rather conservative. For example, just some weeks ago a caretaker of my living community told me that my atheistic dad who died 4 years ago couldn't possibly have ended up with God, and would be separated from him now, and that if I wanted to live with God I'd have to let go of m
  6. I'm not sure what the problem should be with the Trinity. Jesus certainly identified Himself as the Son of God, and He was more than your average human Joe - although he often decided to appear like the average human Joe. Walked on water, raised the dead, increased the bread and fishes, etc. I just don't understand what problem one might have with concepts like the Trinity. Three persons making up one being, like twins in a way, triplets, I mean. Don't look for symmetry, look for truth, symmetry makes you numb and crazy to spiritual things.
  7. Hi Norm, please forgive me but I have an issue with this as well, that I would like to talk about addressing some of your points here. The thing is, wouldn't it be good if we had more Sabbaths, and festivals, and even some dietary "advices"? I don't mean this as in Moses' law with all the punishments and such, with the absolute strictness and all. I mean this as in, have more holidays to spend with God in nature, have more festivals to celebrate love and grace, don't eat all this consumer stuff we're given and live more frugally and enjoy more simple foods like vegetables, as opposed to all th
  8. "They search the scriptures daily for in them they think they have eternal life, but it is those scriptures that testify to Me." (John 5:39) That is a wonderful and very helpful line of scripture, but in this there is already hidden the problem of using Christ to double phariseeism only. We can assume that Christ came to crush the letter and to bring life, but the bible can be read such as to support a Christ who just fulfilled the bible bringing new chapters to it. I think we should see a "gone" in the christian things, that Jesus spiritually put an end to an old system and to bring a pur
  9. Since somet time I'm trying to read the bible without applying the concept of biblical inerrancy. But I must admit I'm getting a bit lost. I have no education on how to read the bible like this and I don't have reference points for myself. Some things I came up with where these points: - When Jesus and his disciples argue against the law of Moses, they don't consider this law to really originate from God. It was merely a jewish tradition on how someone can be justified before God. Jesus sort of obeyed the law in many ways because else nobody would have accepted him among the jews and h
  10. Apostle James in his letter mentions a law of liberty. (James 1) What do you think is this law exactly? I think the bible purposely differentiates it from the law of Moses, so this isn't it, but I don't hear about a law of freedom elsewhere in the bible, at least not in my knowledge. What do you think?
  11. Do you subscribe to biblical consistency and truthfulness or do you think it has been tampered with? The way I see it, the New Testament inductions of the law's outdatedness seem to demand that the Law itself was not in the will of God ever, ie that the early Israelites must have thought wrongly about God and may have manipulated the writings to gain credence. But I'm not sure how far this applies to the prophets. But also the NT seems tampered with, take for example the parable of the servants and the talents. I am pretty sure it refers to the economic situation on the world, that only th
  12. I dislike Calvinism as much as you. It presupposes a sovereignity of God that would be behind all the scary predestination and hellfire theologies. Also, I think their bible reliance is their main problem, if you remove the totality of their scripture interpretation then you can get free of their crap...
  13. On the weekend I had the idea of writing another Genesis account that might be more passable than the bible's Genesis. Here's what I came up with, please tell me what you think of it. It's the first chapter only, if you like it I can post the other chapters. Chapter A - The Creation of life and the days were long the heavens were lonely god was alone in a shell of god and sky and she knew, she knew she knew, and she knew and she knew what was to be known she said, I know and I have to know and I will know and that was all what was known she said, I will feel pain she said, pain is like
  14. Hi there, do you believe that the OT law was really given by God? I find that it can hardly be reconciled to a God of love and mercy. I've come to the view that most of it was an invention of the jews by which they wanted to better their society and build a system by which they could stand before God. Some things must have happened in Egypt and Sinai that scared the jews, they probably had locutions and visions and other spiritual experiences that frightened them, and being somewhat harsh and tough in nature they wanted laws and customs that would guarantee a disciplined and devout soc
  15. Hello Matteo, yes, it makes much sense to believe in a big and loving God who would reconcile everyone to Himself. But this obviously depends on faith and it's not always easy to have faith. For example, I live in a group home and there are struggles here about basic things like the cream for coffee. And this is Germany, not some third world place. I would welcome God warmly if He were to come back to this world and reconcile it wholly to Himself, but sometimes it's not looking like it. Which is, I think, a motivator for people not to believe in universalism, because we never had an univer
  16. Thank you for your kind replies, Joseph, Derek and Paul. I'm glad I wrote here and got some answers. Have any of the fathers really advocated Universalism? I'd love universalism to be true, but I just don't know. For example, muslim fundamentalism is just as bad as christian fundamentalism. Or hindu fundamentalism. Or pagan fundamentalism. And what exactly is deconstruction? Is this the stuff Degeuze wrote about? Taking things apart when they don't fit? Thank you again for your kind replies. Daniel
  17. Hello there, I hope I am not a bother but I am having a hard time with my christianity. It's not so much to do with the church but with the actual tenets of christianity. I think I must add that I suffer from schizophrenia, and in the past evangelical christians tried to tell me that it was caused by demons. I am still unsure about this, though my doctor says that all my symptoms are like textbook examples of schizophrenia. I get strong medicine against the illness since recently, and although many symptoms vanished I am not very happy. I live in a group home now which is fine so far b
  18. Hi Paul, well I might be an odd nut in this forum because of this, but I don't think the bible is ONLY a reflection of human thought. Instead I believe that it contains reports of things that have really happened, ie Jesus rising from the dead, Him walking on water, increasing the bread that he gave the people, and so on. The reflection of human thought is mostly in how people were afraid of God and ascribed evil to Him, or at least the notion that God isn't knowing human goodness and always does His own thing and doesn't quite listen to us, that THIS is God's sovereignity. But the odd
  19. Today I've wanted to post some thoughts about the bible, its historical account and how we can interpret it. My main idea would be that the book of Genesis has a literal meaning that evokes a profound but ultimately unfactual image of history as it really happened. My thought is, the story of Paradise might refer to a time when mankind, a highly evolved primate, discovered the spoken word as a means of communication. With that spoken word, mankind also developed a more tangible sense of God, although this God can also be seen as an inner witness of conscience. With finding the word, ma
  20. The way I see it, the spiritual is about principle. This connects the religious understanding of spirit in christianity (where Jesus, or the Logos is sought), and the more unreligious understanding of spirit (where also Logos is sought, but more like the greeks saw it, a tradition that didn't enjoy the "gods" very much except in theater). Spirit is sometimes seen as this principle, but also as an equivalent to our souls. That's how we get this funny feeling when we see a leaf, as you put it. I call it "feelings of the mind", small, sparkling and dazzling things. My own best approximati
  21. God said, don't have them before me, He didn't say don't have them at all. We can look and learn from them, but then we turn to God (being and love), and keep that central and above. We don't put Krishna (black) or Buddha (enlightenment) or Allah (the God) central, but that which God wants, most of all, and in the christian interpretation that means love. And love seeks to enrich the others, and God and Christ are our riches, not our shame, so we can give it, but we can also give our love, and actually God and Christ also do something on their own, which is precisely loving and enriching other
  22. God is a lot like the three heroes from Oz. The Father is like the scarecrow needing a brain, Jesus is like the iron Woodcutter needing a heart. And the Holy Spirit is like the lion needing courage. They are all wonderful, and once when they were alone in all the glory they shared, they created a fabulous world. But with the arrival of humans, things changed. The Father lost his brain and threw them out of the garden. Jesus lost his heart and cut down the tree that we liked so much. The Holy Spirit had no courage to come to us so the world couldn't know Him anymore. But then Elly came, the bri
  23. I wanted to submit the idea that the biblical story of Paradise might be a hint about our own evolutionary problem of having left a special love reality that we lived in and that once protected us from many evils that we still experience today. For example, mental illness. I suffer from schizophrenia, and despite what medicine would suggest, I think of my suffering of being influenced by the human coldness and awkwardness of our time. Let me explain. We humans are an evolved form of monkeys. If you look at videos of monkeys together, they practice a developed form of social living. The
  24. I think in progressive christianity there are many people rather estranged or disillusioned from conservative christianity. Some of us might even be atheists or agnostics, they identify as christians, as belonging to the subset of human christianity, but they don't go the usual believing route. I wanted to show some things which I believe are helpful. Not theories or explanations, but just some ... things. I want to start with a little cosmology. We are in a universe, probably even a multiverse, that is completely infinite and complex. So if we manage to look through things like a chil
  25. it's got nothing to do with the truth that you knew it is everything else, it's not something that sells it's like a face of black, a king in drag and outside where the world is turning, it's only a candle's quiet burning some would say it's a belief, but it still feels like trying to breathe... finding a purer kind of oxygen, in the eyes of a God that looks like James Dean it's got nothing to do with a rule and law, it's more like telling the heart what it saw and trying to explain what you feel, believing that something is real something we all love to remember, and celebrate in the
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