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Swimme's Books-- Anyone Interested In Discussing?


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I just found my copy of "The Universe is a Green Dragon" by Brian Swimme. Also I have an audio tape he and Matt Fox did. I think that maybe his new book might make for a good discussion.


One thing I remember Matt Fox saying on the tape was something like that early on there were conflicts between the church and science, so in essense there was a truce and the church said "we'll take the soul" and "you'll take the material" and what has happened out of that is that science has gotten violent beyond description and that religion has gotten "punier and punier". Brian Swimme's books are an attempt to put them together in a meaningful way.


Any interest in this?



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I got a hold of The Universe Story by Brian Swimme in the library (4th week or so) and I finally got into reading it. It is not an easy read!! (I really prefer the Universe is a Green Dragon, btw). Anyway I do find it pretty fascinating. What I am particularly enjoying, as I have read several cosmology books, is the use of active/ almost anthropomorphic words applied to various cosmological/ creation events.


Strictly speaking I don't think this book is meant to be "old science" as separated from religion, but a "new science" or "new mythos" anyway. So there are lots of phrases like "the creativity of the ______ (atom, particle, supernova, bacterium, etc.); the astounding invention, etc. etc. He definitely defends this use of language in a compelling way.


Not sure how I would catagorize this, science book? philosophy? religion? mythology? etc.





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