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Historical Jesus


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There was an excellent show on the historical Jesus last week that is now a podcast.




"Who was Jesus? How should we interpret his teachings & stories? New Testament scholars Klyne Snodgrass & Barbara Reid help answer these questions."


The interviewer is a University of Chicago retired Prof. Milt Rosenberg




A good listen



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Thanks for posting this. I listened to most of it on my bike ride today, I'll get the rest tomorrow.


A couple of comments. While this is titled "The Historical Jesus," both of the panelists are ordained and teach at religious colleges. Although they present an enlightened view of Jesus (from a historical pointed of view), they also were a little careful when dealing with questions of the bodily resurrection, miracles and the like. Also, the discussion occasionally got into the meaning of some of the biblical events and this is more theological than historical.


In any event, I am enjoying it and have no objections to the particular theological points of view they give. I would certainly endorse your recommendation.



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