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2010 Wheaton Conference On Nt Wright

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This is a link to hours of video & audio that were recorded at the The 19th Annual Wheaton Theology Conference, "Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright". Wright is a new testament scholar and an Anglican Bishop who is a strong supporter of the "New Perspectives on Paul," the idea that if one places Paul (& Jesus) in the historical context of 1st Century Judaism, his theology looks a bit different. I personally find Wright's work fascinating and intelligent, even if I disagree with his conclusions, his politics, and occasionally his style (he belittles opponents on occasion), and recently wrote a review of Justification over in the books forum.


In either case, this is once again a non-progressive link that I believe progressives may find value in. Very sincere and intelligent people debate how we can discuss the historicity of the Bible, Jesus, and what political agendas are necessarily part of Christianity.

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The most progressive is arguably the one by Dr. Walsh and his wife, who praise Wright for pointing out how "the problems with nationalism" are a big theme in the Gospels, and then very systematically showing how economic justice is also present, and bring it all together to blast the financial sector of the modern global economy.


I haven't gotten through them all yet, but I haven't watched one that wasn't interesting.

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