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Having seen a couple of postings about Michael Dowd on this forum, I think it's worth bringing to the attention of tcpc subscribers the 28 audio interviews (one each day) which are gradually being released by Michael at EvolutionaryChristianity.com. For me, so far, the highlights have been with Jack Spong, Bruce Sanguin and Brian McClaren. I've downloaded everything to my mp3 player and am really enjoying listening and re-listening to these inspirational speakers.

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The Dance of the Fertile Universe Father Coyne


The Hampshire College Lecture is part of a series entitled Science and Religion. You can find the list of speakers at the first link. The best quality video I found is at Google video (over an hour). Coyne also made an appearance at NASA/Ames. This is his condensed version (under 30 minutes.)


Hampshire College Science and Religion Speaker Series


Father Coyne Hampshire College Google Video


Are We Alone Father Coyne at NASA/Ames


As I understand his ideas:


The universe is fertile because it is 13.7 billion years old and there are 1022 stars. It takes lots of time and lots of stars dying and aborning to create all elements for life. Life was not possible until 12 billion years after the Big Bang but then there were billions of chances that it would occur. Coyne, at one point, muses about a God that hoped and prayed that there would be creatures like us with whom to have a relationship.


Then came by chance a self-conscious and self-reflecting being. The universe is no longer expanding blindly . "In us the universe is thinking about itself."


It is a dance of three: chance, necessity and fertility. "It took a lot of time and many opportunities for two hydrogen atoms to chance upon each other and necessarily form a hydrogen molecule. It took a lot of time and many opportunities for a hydrogen molecule and oxygen atom to chance upon each other and necessarily form water. Perhaps inevitably, but not necessarily, there is life, humans, and .... To insist on necessity or design limits God and leads to a theology (and perhaps a theodicy) that Coyne is not comfortable with.


Thought it was interesting.



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Another EC voice is Barbara Marx Hubbard – wonder how this project will turn out--


Replacing Our 'War Rooms' with 'Peace Rooms'

Posted: 06/29/11 09:38 AM ET

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Author, public speaker, social innovator and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution


Evolution is evolving from unconscious chance to conscious choice. We are entering the first age of conscious evolution.


Why? Because we obviously affect our own evolution by all the choices we make -- from the food we eat, the number of babies we have, the cars we drive and the weapons we build.


Humans have no experience at being responsible for global change at this level. We are facing, as Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra recently wrote, the possibility of the collapse of our life support system. Or, I believe, the emergence of something new, something better than we have ever known before.


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