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The Rise And Fall Of The Bible

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This book by Timothy Beal is very different from most books written about the Bible. Mr. Beal is the Florence Harkness Professor of Religion at Case Western Reserve University.


Mr. Beal does not take the bible literally, but he does take it very seriously. A book well worth reading; I did not skip any part of it.


Bishop Spong commented: "Beal's exciting book offers both fascinating history and a new and insightful way to approach the 'sacred text'."


Brian D. McLaren wrote: "Under Beal's instruction, we will lose some of our naivete', but we will gain maturity of insight that will more than compensate. A needed book from a talented writer."



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Reading up on it on Amazon, it looks interesting.


Have you read it? If so, what was good about it? What did you learn from it?

I read it cover to cover. As I commented in my first posting, I did not skip over any of it. It is partly history (and I suspect, real history) and partly a discussion on how to get the most from the bible. I quoted Bishop Spong and Brian MacLaren because I thought their comments were particularly pertinent.



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